STARS Information:

  • Credit Rationale: This credit recognizes institutions that have developed partnerships with their local communities to advance sustainability. Formal partnerships may include school districts, government agencies, non-profit organizations, or other entities.
  • Environmental Benefit: As leaders within their local communities, colleges and universities can be powerful allies and partners in building sustainability education and engagement in these communities and beyond.
  • Scoring: Institution earns 2 points for having partnerships that meet the criteria outlined above.

Going Green

CSU Channel Islands Summary:

Community Sustainability Partnerships:

CSU Channel Islands currently does meet the criteria for this credit by developing partnerships with local communities to advance sustainability.

CSU Channel Islands has many sustainability partnerships including the National park Service, Ventura County Resource Conservation District, Business & Technology Partnership, Underwood Family Farms, and Ventura County Emergency Planning Council Member.

For a complete list of CSU Channel Islands community partners, visit the Community Partner Database

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Pilar Pacheco: Associate Director, Center for Community Engagement

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