STARS Information:

  • Credit Rationale: This credit recognizes institutions that provide continuing education courses and programs in sustainability to the community.
    • Part 1: Institution offers continuing education courses that are focused on or related to sustainability.
    • Part 2:Institution has a sustainability-related certificate program through its continuing education or extension department.
  • Environmental Benefits: Such courses train community members in sustainability topics and help build knowledge about the subject. They can also provide the training people need to obtain and perform green jobs. Certificate programs offer professional recognition for sustainability training and are important tools in helping students obtain, perform, and advance their position in green jobs.
  • Scoring:
    • Part 1: Institution earns the maximum of 4 points for this credit when sustainability courses compromise 10 or more percent of all continuing education courses offered.
    • Part 2: Institution earns 3 points for having a certificate program that meets the criteria outlined above.

    Going Green

    CSU Channel Islands Summary:

    Sustainability in Continuing Education:

    CSU Channel Islands currently does meet the criteriaPart 1, but does not meet the criteria for Part 2.

    The OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at CI brings the excitement and stimulation of college learning to area seniors (50 or better!) who wish to extend their learning experiences in a university atmosphere. From its inception in September 2004, OLLI has offered a wide range of quality courses. Courses related to sustainability offered by OLLI:

    • Strategies for Sustainable Living (Winter 2010)
    • Watersheds and Wetlands (Fall 2010)
    • Field experiences in the Social Sciences: Your Backyard, Ventura County (Spring 2010)
    • Climate Change and the Oceans (Spring 2010)
    • Ecology, Evolution and Diversity (Fall 2009)
    • Climate Change in the 21st Century (Fall 2007)
    • Rain Forests of the World (Spring 2007)


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    Dan Wakelee: Associate Dean of the Faculty

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