The Division of Business and Financial Affairs (DBFA) supports the community by transforming the delivery of services through continuous improvements, providing a foundation that is knowledge driven, flexible in approach and entrepreneurial in spirit.

DBFA is comprised of five units and four core programs plus auxiliaries that support the CI campus by providing essential services. The organization structure includes Fiscal Services, Human Resources, Operations/Planning and Construction, Public Safety, and University Glen/Site Authority. Additionally, DBFA is responsible for Budget, Financial Planning, Environmental Health & Safety, and Risk Management.

Our Approach: Transformation

The challenges we face by reduced funding and anticipated campus growth requires a shift in the way we do business. In addition to incremental improvements in our operations, transformational changes to our unit, program leadership, and business strategies will help us achieve the next level of performance to serve 5,000 FTE’s and beyond. We are re-conceiving our programs and services, putting systems in place, and intentionally challenging ourselves as leaders. We are also empowering members of DBFA by equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to fully participate in planning, implementation, assessment, and improvement processes.

Our Approach: Collaboration

As we build programs, create structures and processes, and provide next level services, we are deliberately invested in building relationships amongst DBFA units, with other campus units, and with our community partners. The results of these investments are developing in the form of partnerships, LEAN improvements and cost savings, as well as less tangible assets like strengthened trust, goodwill, and capacity for more effective change and further innovation.

CSU Channel Islands Division of Business and Financial Affairs consolidates a number of major university units under the leadership of Vice President Ysabel Trinidad. DBFA’s executive strategy team guides the organization through its mission and through its strategies, as noted on the DBFA Strategy Map.

DBFA assists the CI community by leading and managing the University’s business services including physical and financial assets, human resources programs, public safety, and auxiliary operations through its work in the following groups:

  • Financial Services Financial Services, Fiscal Services and Student Business Services
  • Human Resources - Employee Relations, Training and Professional Development, Benefits, Work/Life, Compensation and Classification, and Payroll Services
  • Facilities Services- Procurement and Contract Services, Building Maintenance, Custodial, Planning, Design and Construction Services, Special Events, Mail Services, and Landscaping
  • Public Safety - Police Services,Transportation and Parking Services and Environmental Health and Safety
  • Administrative Services - Real Estate and Property Management, Commercial Services, and CI Power

DBFA Annual Report and Work Plan for 2017-18  (PDF, 541KB)


The Division of Business and Financial Affairs is supported by:

Business and Financial Affairs Special Projects and Organizational Effectiveness units