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Sports Clubs at CI

Sport ClubsClub President2016/17 Club President Email  
SailingKinsey Cohenkinsey.cohen819
LacrosseEdward Farrelledward.farrell262
Bicycle KitchenAnthony Andradeanthony.andrade212
VolleyballDrake Vescodrake.vesco279
EnduranceMaria Roblesmaria.robles390
Women's SoccerTaylor Pastranotaylor.pastrano374
Men's SoccerKeith Kogankeith.kogan201
Breaking PointeJocelyn Sanchezjocelyn.sanchez512
Ballet FolkloricoVanessa Camachovanessa.camacho873
SurfChristian Lefaychristian.lefay857
Shotokan KarateLissette Gutierrezlissette.guitierrez667
SkateJefferson Hall IVjefferson.halliv920
CheerSuzanne Mirabellisuzanne.mirabelli203
HockeyChris Marsikchristopher.marsik924
Danza Tlaloc OllinAnaisabel Maciasanaisabel.macias253
K-Pop Dance CrewLilyan Curtislilyan.curtis674

The strength of the sports club program relies solely on the students. A sports club is a group of students voluntarily organized for the purpose of furthering their common interests in an activity through participation and/or competition. Interests may be competitive, recreational, instructional or a combination of these. Clubs may represent the University in intraclub competition or conduct interclub activities such as practice, instruction, and social and tournament play. Sports clubs are designed to be a learning experience for the members through their involvement in leadership, sportsmanship, fundraising, public relations, organization, administration, budgeting, marketing, management and scheduling, as well as the development of physical skills in the particular sport. Involvement in a group and team situation helps enhance the student's overall education. Clubs may vary in focus and programming, even year to year, since the members are active participants in the leadership, responsibility and decision-making processes of the clubs' activities. All sports clubs must be "official" in order to be eligible for promotion, facility use and financial assistance at CI. Please contact the Recreation Sports Coordinator, Nathan Avery at 805-437-3266 or if you have questions about starting a sports club.

  • CI Lacrosse Club
    2015 CI Lacrosse Team
  • CI Sailing in Waikiki
    2015 CI Sailing in Waikiki

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