USC Race & Equity Center’s EquityNOW! 4-part eConvening Oct. 6, 13, 20, 27 - Mandatory Training for Administrators

Equity NOW!

Equity NOW! Is a 4 part eConvening series designed for individual skill and capacity building towards racial equity in higher education.

Cultivating inclusion, social justice, and racial equity are required skills for 21st century higher education practitioners. Join us for a 4-part series designed to increase individual knowledge and capacity, moving from personal reckonings through institutional frameworks, racial literacy, data for equity, and concrete action steps. Equity NOW! participants will emerge empowered to more strategically and boldly tackle persistent DEI challenges on their campuses.

Moving Beyond Bias Train-the-Trainer Implicit Bias Training 2-Day Dec. Dec 10th & 11th(9am-4pm)



Moving Beyond Bias is a learning program that explores how bias works, and how we can reduce its harmful effects on California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) campuses. This material has been implemented in trials nationwide - with positive outcomes - but never before on the scale of this collaborative program.

This pilot program is intended to supplement exisiting trainings available at your campus.

Equity Advocate Training – Luna Jimenez Institute for Social Transformation (LJIST) Virtual Ending Racism 3-Day Workshop, Feb. 17, 18, 19 (10am -1pm)


Luna Jimenez Institute for Social Transformation (LJIST)

Participants of the Virtual Ending Racism Workshop will:

  • Release despair, helplessness, panic, exhaustion, and/or numbness as we face the impact of (internalized) White supremacy and (internalized) Anti-blackness on our family, communities, and us.
  • Understand what Anti-Blackness is, its relationship to racism, and how it is embedded in every individual, community, and institution across the world.
  • Listen deeply and be listened to by others with compassion and non-judgement using LJIST’s core healing practice, Constructivist Listening
  • Experience the power of emotional healing in community and break isolation.
  • Reclaim our hope, energy, connection, and clarity as we identify actions we can take to ensure a just future.

There will be an Open Call for nominations (including self-nominations) for participation in this Important Anti-Racism Training for a new CI Faculty Equity Advocate Team.

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