The University Retention, Tenure and Promotion policy is designed to articulate the main professional standards which all faculty are expected to meet, as well as the manner by which their work should be evaluated.


RTP Cycle Reference Guide (PDF, 42KB)

2020-21 RTP Schedule A (SP 17-08) (PDF, 20KB)

2020-21 RTP Schedule B (SP 17-08) (PDF, 20KB)

2020-21 RTP Schedule C (SP 15-15) (PDF, 147KB)

2020-21 RTP Schedule C (SP 17-08) (PDF, 147KB)

2020-21 Post Tenure Review Schedule (PDF, 86KB)

The University RTP Policy

SP 01 44 RTP Policy 2001 (Old) (PDF, 852KB)

SP 12-11 Post-Tenure Review Policy Supersedes 05-17 (MS Word, 216KB)

SP 17-08 RTP Policy (New) (PDF, 186KB)

SP 15-15 RTP Policy Supersedes SP 10-10 (PDF, 120KB)

SR 15-06 Resolution on E-Portfolios (PDF, 45KB)

RTP Checklist 15-15 (PDF, 156KB) | RTP Checklist 17-08 (PDF, 175KB)

Electronic Portfolio (WPAF) Login

Login to Faculty180 (Interfolio) - Electronic RTP WPAF

Faculty180 User Process Guide (PDF, 1.37MB)

Faculty180 Reviewer Process Guide (PDF, 948KB)

Program Personnel Standards

General Personnel Standards (PDF, 453KB)

Anthropology (PDF, 320KB)

Art(PDF, 293KB)

Biology (PDF, 191KB)

Business and Economics (PDF, 130KB)

Chemistry (PDF, 134KB)

Chicana/o Studies (PDF, 221KB)

Communication (PDF, 383KB)

Computer Science (PDF, 269KB)

Education (PDF, 434KB)

English (PDF, 289KB)


Health Science (PDF, 165KB)

History (PDF, 179KB)

Library (PDF, 378KB)

Math and Physics (PDF, 333KB)

Nursing (PDF, 165KB)

Performing Arts (PDF, 283KB)

Political Science (PDF, 403KB)

Psychology (PDF, 192KB)

Sociology (PDF, 197KB)

Spanish (PDF, 425KB)

Writing and Multiliteracy Center (PDF, 418KB)


Late Add Form (PDF, 42.3KB)

Response Form (PDF, 41.2KB)

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