Additional Employment

Additional Employment and Overload Guidelines ( MS Word , 42KB) 
Additional Employment FAQs
 ( MS Word , 76KB) 
Total Instructional Employment Disclosure Form
 ( MS Word , 76KB) 
25% Allowable Workload Chart MS Word , 27KB)
Procedure for MPP Administrator Teaching Assignments ( PDF,  54KB)

Emeritus Information

Emeritus Nomination Procedures (PDF, 49KB)
Emeritus Nomination Form (PDF, 1.1MB)

Faculty Affairs Resources

Faculty Quick Reference Guide (PDF, 4.2MB)
Faculty Pay Calculator ( MS Excel , 25KB)
Commonly Used Classification Codes ( MS Excel , 25KB)
Institutional Repository
Rehired Annuitant Time Calc Worksheet ( MS Excel , 31KB)
FERPA-Information Use and Confidentiality Guidelines for Faculty ( MS Word , 102KB)
Research and Sponsored Programs Orientation Presentation (PDF, 751KB) 
Nepotism Compliance Agreement Form (PDF, 157KB) 

FERP Information (Faculty Early Retirement Program)

Frequently Asked Questions - FERP (PDF, 67KB)
FERP Application (PDF, 43KB)

Human Resources Forms

CMS Access and Compliance Form ( MS Word , 31KB)
Degree Verification Form ( MS Word , 431KB)
I9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form (PDF, 390KB)
LOA - Leave of Absence Form ( MS Word , 105KB)
MPA - Maternity/Paternity Application ( MS Word , 120KB)
Lecturer Salary Adjustment Justification Form ( MS Word , 36KB)
Certification of Compliance with CBA 12 ( MS Word , 36KB)
Emergency Hire Certification of Compliance with CBA 12 (PDF, 16KB)
Lecturer Recommendation Form ( MS Word , 93KB)
Substitute Faculty Appointment Form ( MS Word , 75KB)
MOU Template Shared Appointments ( MS Word , 46KB)

Please see the Student page for hiring guidelines and position description templates for TA, GA and ISA.

Lecturer Information

Full Time Lecturer Evaluation ( MS Word , 29KB) 
Part Time Lecturer Evaluation ( MS Word , 29KB) 
Library-Full Time Lecturer Evaluation ( MS Word , 34KB) 
Library-Part Time Lecturer Evaluation ( MS Word , 31KB) 
SP 12-10 Policy on Temporary Faculty Evaluations (PDF, 99KB) 
SP 17-09 Policy on Evaluation of Temporary Counselor Faculty (PDF, 38KB)
2019-2020 Counselor Evaluation Schedule (PDF, 16KB)
2019-2020 Lecturer Evaluation Schedule (PDF, 17KB)
12.12 Entitlement Eligibility List

Program By-Laws

Program By-Laws 

Range Elevation Procedures

Range Elevation Procedures (PDF, 20KB)

Sabbatical Information

Sabbatical or Difference-in-Pay Leave Application ( MS Word , 58KB)
Sabbatical Criteria (PDF, 402KB)
Sabbatical and DIP Schedule 2019-20 (PDF, 12KB)
Evaluation Rubric for Sabbatical Leave Proposal (PDF, 113KB)
SP 11-15 Policy on Paid Professional Leaves (PDF, 72KB)

Special Pay Forms

Pre-Authorization for Special Consultant Pay (MS Excel, 130KB)
Special Consultant Authorization for Special Pay  (MS Excel, 47KB)
Special Consultant Guidelines (PDF, 20KB)
Determination of Worker Status Worksheet ( MS Word , 29KB)

Syllabus Information

SP 07-16 Syllabus Policy (PDF, 157KB)
Disabilities Statement ( MS Word , 32KB)

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