COVID-19 Related Documents

Fall 2020 Joint Agreement - CSUCI/CFA  (PDF, 338KB) 
Joint Agreement - CSUCI/CFA  
(PDF, 437KB) 
CSUCI Campus Agreement Lecturer Evaluations  (PDF, 313KB) 

CSUCI Agreement Probationary Period Extensions  (PDF, 230KB) 
CSUCI Form Request to Extend Sabbatical (PDF, 202KB) 
Request for Sabbatical Travel Support Due to COVID-19 Impact (PDF, 169KB) 

Voluntary Reduction in Time Base Request Form (PDF, 166KB) 
MOU on COVID Impacts to Operations(PDF, 407KB) 
MOU on Summer 2020 Professional Development and Training (PDF, 714KB) 

Additional Employment

Additional Employment and Overload Guidelines ( MS Word , 42KB)
Additional Employment FAQs
( MS Word , 76KB)
Total Instructional Employment Disclosure Form
( MS Word , 76KB)
25% Allowable Workload Chart ( MS Word , 27KB)
Procedure for MPP Administrator Teaching Assignments ( PDF, 54KB)

Emeritus Information

Emeritus Nomination Procedures (PDF, 108KB)
Emeritus Nomination Form (PDF, 1.1MB)

Faculty Affairs Resources

Faculty Quick Reference Guide (PDF, 4.2MB)
Faculty Pay Calculator ( MS Excel , 25KB)
Commonly Used Classification Codes ( MS Excel , 25KB)
Institutional Repository
Rehired Annuitant Time Calc Worksheet ( MS Excel , 31KB)
FERPA-Information Use and Confidentiality Guidelines for Faculty ( MS Word , 102KB)
Research and Sponsored Programs Orientation Presentation (PDF, 751KB)
Nepotism Compliance Agreement Form (PDF, 157KB)

FERP Information (Faculty Early Retirement Program)

Frequently Asked Questions - FERP (PDF, 67KB)
FERP Application (PDF, 43KB)

Human Resources Forms

CMS Access and Compliance Form ( MS Word , 31KB)
Degree Verification Form ( MS Word , 431KB)
I9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form (PDF, 390KB)
LOA - Leave of Absence Form ( MS Word , 105KB)
MPA - Maternity/Paternity Application ( MS Word , 120KB)
Lecturer Salary Adjustment Justification Form ( MS Word , 36KB)
Certification of Compliance with CBA 12 ( MS Word , 36KB)
Emergency Hire Certification of Compliance with CBA 12 (PDF, 16KB)
Lecturer Recommendation Form ( MS Word , 93KB)
Substitute Faculty Appointment Form ( MS Word , 75KB)
MOU Template Shared Appointments ( MS Word , 46KB)

Please see the Student page for hiring guidelines and position description templates for TA, GA and ISA.

Lecturer Information

Full Time Lecturer Evaluation ( MS Word , 29KB)
Part Time Lecturer Evaluation ( MS Word , 29KB)
Library-Full Time Lecturer Evaluation ( MS Word , 34KB)
Library-Part Time Lecturer Evaluation ( MS Word , 31KB)
SP 12-10 Policy on Temporary Faculty Evaluations (PDF, 99KB)
SP 17-09 Policy on Evaluation of Temporary Counselor Faculty (PDF, 38KB)
2020-2021 Counselor Evaluation Schedule (PDF, 93KB)
2020-2021 Lecturer Evaluation Schedule (PDF, 93KB)
2020-2021 Librarian Evaluation Schedule (PDF, 113KB)
12.12 Entitlement Eligibility List

Program By-Laws

Program By-Laws

Range Elevation Procedures

Range Elevation Procedures (PDF, 167KB)

Sabbatical Information

Sabbatical or Difference-in-Pay Leave Application ( MS Word , 58KB)
Sabbatical Criteria (PDF, 402KB)
Sabbatical and DIP Schedule 2020-21 (PDF, 80KB)
Evaluation Rubric for Sabbatical Leave Proposal (PDF, 113KB)
SP 11-15 Policy on Paid Professional Leaves (PDF, 72KB)

Special Pay Forms

Faculty Additional Employment and Special Consulting Forms can be found on Human Resources website:

Special Consultant Guidelines (PDF, 20KB)
Determination of Worker Status Worksheet ( MS Word , 29KB)

Syllabus Information

SP 07-16 Syllabus Policy (PDF, 157KB)
Disabilities Statement ( MS Word , 32KB)

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