#CIHunt List

  1. With our mascot “Ekho” the Dolphin
  2. You doing something kind for a stranger
  3. With a building that has been donated  (1 point each building - 3 points maximum)
  4. On the 3rd floor of Del Norte enjoying the view
  5. Wearing Red on Red Out Wednesday
  6. Spell CI in the sand
  7. Eating at Pizza 3.14
  8. Take a picture of other people taking a picture
  9. With a bench that has been donated (1 point each bench - 2 points maximum)
  10. Looking active in the South Quad
  11. Do something charitable or community spirited in Camarillo
  12. Pretend to be studying (or really study) at the JSB Library
  13. Kick back in the Student Union with some delicious coffee from the Sip or food from the Lighthouse Café.
  14. With the latest copy of the CI View
  15. In front of the Bookstore
  16. Play pool or darts in the Student Union
  17. Relax under a tree in North Quad
  18. Meet an RA in Santa Cruz or Anacapa (# their name for an additional point)
  19. Working out at the CI gym
  20. In front of the Vista Bus
  21. Say “cheese” with faculty or staff around campus
  22. Make the tallest frozen yogurt cone possible at Islands Café (Don’t make a mess!)
  23. In the largest classroom on campus
  24. Holding/eating a bunch of grapes
  25. You and a friend passing a Frisbee
  26. With any parking permit dispenser on campus
  27. Of the “CI 4 Life” app downloaded on a phone.
  28. With a brick that has been donated (1 point each brick - 5 points maximum)
  29. Eating strawberries
  30. In front of the Student Union Building
  31. With any Starbucks logo
  32. Of the sunset from anywhere on campus
  33. At the CI Boating Center
  34. With an LRC tutor or a Writing Center tutor
  35. With the old “CSUCI” logos hidden around campus (1 point each logo - 2 points maximum)
  36. In front of the Greenhouse
  37. Attending the CI block party on Oct 18
  38. Any basketball court
  39. Spell CI out using your friends!
  40. Of a CI sticker on a car
  41. With an international exchange student or student who has studied abroad (must have student’s name in photo description)
  42. Handing an apple to a professor
  43. Playing the piano in the Student Union Building
  44. Riding a bike on campus
  45. At the Martin V. Smith school of Business & Economics
  46. With a student-athlete in uniform
  47. With a student veteran (must have student’s name in photo description)
  48. Hugging a palm tree
  49. At one of the electric vehicle charging stations on campus
  50. In one of the elevators on campus
  51. We have lots of alumni who work on campus. Find one (must have the alum’s name in photo description)
  52. At Tortillas enjoying a beverage
  53. With any vending machine on campus
  54. With any fountain on campus (1 point each fountain - 4 points maximum)
  55. In front of the Bell Tower
  56. Hide a note in a car door wishing people a good day
  57. With the Director of the Alumni & Friends Association
  58. Take a picture with a Dolphin
  59. Kicking a ball on our soccer field
  60. In front of the Alumni & Friends Association office