What was your major at CI? What was the month and year of your graduation?:

Communication, May 2015

What is your job title and the name of the company where you are currently employed?:

Project Manager at Vonazon

What particular skills or talents are most essential to be effective in your job?:

Being able to adapt. In the world of marketing, everything is constantly changing. It is also very important to be a good leader. It’s really important to not feel like you need to know everything. I am always open to hearing what other team members think or any ideas they are willing to give to me. Being able to research well is a strong skill that is necessary as a Project Manager so that there are always new strategic ideas.

Why did this type of work interest you, and how did you get started?:

I have always been interested in marketing and social media. It’s something that excites me and that I am always willing to learn more about. I met the employers at the CI Job Fair. It was such a great experience to be able to meet my dream company at this event.

How well did your college experience prepare you for this job?:

Majoring in communication and having an emphasis in business really helped me in this department of work. I would say that communication is the number one most important skill in this job. I am constantly on the phone with clients and having conversations with my team members regarding different tasks and jobs. I have been able to bring a lot of my skills that I have acquired from my classes into this line of work. 

Did you utilize Career Development Services (CDS) during your time at CI? If so, please describe how engaging in programs and services (e.g., Career & Internship Fair, CI Connection Luncheon, Drop-In Career Counseling) offered through CDS contributed to your career development:

I’m so thankful for the Career Development Services at CI. During my last year at CI I really tried to use the services provided as much as possible. I attended the CI Connection Luncheon and it was one of the most beneficial events I have ever attended. I was able to meet so many different employers and have many conversations that helped me learn so much about what I was interested in after I graduated. I was able to get a great internship at the Luncheon that helped me substantially after I graduated. I was also in the CDS office regularly making sure my resume is as perfect as possible and attending any mock interviews so I could perfect those skills as well.

Do you have any advice (job hunting or otherwise) for CI students?:

Use the CDS that are provided to you as much as possible! Not only are they more than willing to help with anything job related, they are also a big factor in finding a job once you graduate. These are important connections to have and if you have the opportunity then you should definitely take it. Also, talk to your professors about your resume as well in the particular field you are looking to get a job in. Use all the resources you have, and trust me, you have a lot!

Would you be willing to connect with current CI students who have questions for you on LinkedIn? If so, please include your LinkedIn url.