Looking for a job, an internship, or your career position?

Whether you are looking for a position on campus or one that's local, regional, or nationwide, we have over 500 listings from over 5,000 employer contacts.
Take a look at Handshake, CSUCI's online recruitment portal. 

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How to Get Started

  1. Access Handshake through your myCI student portal under Services: 
  2. Login to myCI and click the Handshake tab located under Services. Pin it for easy access
  3. What is Handshake? (YouTube video)
  4. How to get started with Handshake (Blog Post)
  5. The student on-boarding experience (Blog Post)

 On-Campus Positions

Searching for On-Campus Jobs (Blog Post)

Were You Awarded Federal Work Study?

Some on-campus jobs will indicate recruitment for Federal Work Study students. To check your eligibility, please contact Financial Aid at 805-437-8530 or financial.aid@csuci.edu. If you are awarded federal work study you will go through the application process as indicated above. However, you may need to provide financial aid with additional documentation, as requested. Please review the Financial Aid Website for more information on Federal Work Study or contact Financial Aid directly.

Off-Campus Jobs/Internships

Off-campus jobs and internships are posted on the same job portal as on-campus positions through Dolphin CareerLink.

How to Apply

  1. We recommend that you create/update a tailored resume and cover letter for each position to which you intend to apply.
  2. Ensure all documents are easy to read, free from typos, uses proper grammar and professionally written. Have your documents reviewed by the CDAE team prior to submitting your application (plan for revisions if you haven't submitted a document before).
  3. Follow the employer’s instructions under the “How To Apply” section in the job posting. It is essential that you follow all instructions indicated in the job posting.

Handshake is a recruitment system intended for the listing of full-time, part-time, internship, and on-campus positions by businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, on-campus departments, and individuals who adhere to Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines. Dolphin CareerLink postings are made by employers without endorsement, direct or implied, by CSUCI Career Development Services or the University. It is the responsibility of any job-/internship-seeker to be aware of the risks of online job seeking and to carefully research potential employers prior to applying.

We expect students to use Handshake in a professional and ethical manner. Please review the Student Guidelines so you are fully aware and informed of your responsibilities before interacting with employers using the Handshake portal.

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