Welcome to Disability Accommodations and Support Services (DASS) at California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI). DASS is designated to receive and process housing accommodation requests for students with disabilities who have specific disability-related accommodation requests. DASS works in collaboration with Housing & Residential Education (HRE) to provide reasonable accommodations within our residential facilities for students with disabilities.

Housing Accommodation Request Deadlines:

Fall, Spring, and Summer housing accommodations are dependent on availability. If an accommodation request is not available, the student will be placed on a waiting list.

To allow time for processing of all materials for roommate and space assignments, DASS will accept application and documentation for:

Fall 2023 semester:

Returning residents: through May 5, 2023

New residents: through June 2, 2023

Spring 2024 semester:

Returning and New residents: through December 15, 2024


Accommodation requests are processed on a space available basis due to limited availability.

*Most housing accommodations are dependent on availability*

Post-Deadline Accommodation Requests

For students who have a need for a housing accommodation that arises for the first time after the deadline has passed, requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis. DASS and HRE will strive to meet late applicants’ needs as soon as reasonably possible, however, priority consideration is given to on-time requests.


If you have a revision or update to a request which has already been submitted, please submit a new request below.

To request housing accommodations:

  1. Please complete the HRE Housing application process, which can be found here: HRE Housing Application
  2. Complete the DASS Housing Accommodations Application in its entirety. Incomplete applications may delay the process of receiving disability-related housing accommodations. Applications without documentation are considered incomplete and the review process will not be initiated prior to submission of all required documents.
  3. Submit documentation from a licensed professional verifying the need for the request.
    Documentation can be delivered one of 2 ways:
  4. Depending on your request, DASS may require a conversation with your licensed professional to review the need for HRE accommodations.
  5. DASS will review your application and schedule a phone interview to engage in the interactive process to discuss your request for housing accommodations.
  6. DASS will notify you with a decision regarding your housing accommodation request.

Please note that there is no specific timeframe when we guarantee this process will be completed. It generally takes 2-4 weeks, but can sometimes take longer. Having accurate documentation can assist in moving the process forward.

Documentation Required

You must provide supporting documentation to verify the need for your request. Applications with no supporting documentation will be put on hold until documentation is provided.

An example of supporting documentation would be submitting a letter on office letterhead from a licensed professional (physician, psychologist, etc.) containing the following information:

  • Your diagnosis
  • Identification of specific functional limitations posed by this condition as it pertains to housing
  • Description of the current impact of this condition as it pertains to housing
  • A clear description of the reasonable housing adaptation or accommodation
  • An indication of the level of need for the requested adaptation or accommodation

In lieu of a letter, you can also have your licensed professional complete our disability verification form(PDF, 598KB)

If you do not have documentation from a licensed professional, you can submit this Self-Report form (PDF, 665KB). The self-report form and an interactive process between student & DASS staff are considered for disability types that are evident, however, depending on the nature of the disability, it is typically necessary for students to provide additional documentation from a licensed professional

Documentation for Single Room Requests:

If you are requesting a single room, you are required to provide 2 pieces of documentation:

  1. You must provide documentation from a licensed professional verifying your need for a single room in housing. See above for descriptions of acceptable documentation.
  2. Your licensed professional also needs to complete our Addendum for Single Room(PDF, 484KB)

Documentation for Emotional Support Animal Requests:

For emotional support animal (ESA) requests, you must provide 3 pieces of documentation:

  1. You must provide documentation from a licensed professional who has prescribed the emotional support animals as part of your treatment plan. See above for descriptions of acceptable documentation.
  2. Your licensed professionals must complete the Addendum for Emotional Support Animal in Housing(PDF, 509KB)
  3. You must complete the Release of Information form

Per the guidelines specifically outlined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD):

Some websites sell certificates, registrations, and licensing documents for assistance animals to anyone who answers certain questions or participates in a short interview and pays a fee. Under the Fair Housing Act, a housing provider may request reliable documentation when an individual requesting a reasonable accommodation has a disability and disability-related need for an accommodation that are not obvious or otherwise known. In HUD’s experience, such documentation from the internet is not, by itself, sufficient to reliably establish that an individual has a non-observable disability or disability-related need for an assistance animal.

You can review the full content of the HUD guidelines on their website: HUD Assessing a Person’s Request to Have an Animal as a Reasonable Accommodation Under the Fair Housing Act

Please note: It is strongly recommended that ESA request are placed in a timely manner within the established application timeframes. DASS will notify both the student & HRE when requests are approved or denied. Although an ESA request may receive approval by DASS, prior to bringing the ESA to campus, the student must first work with HRE staff to complete an addendum to the housing contract and permit sufficient time for HRE staff to provide suite-mate notification. An approved ESA cannot impede on the health and safety of others. In the event of documented health reasons a suite-mate cannot be housed with ESA, reassignment of room locations are at the discretion of HRE. All handlers approved for an ESA must comply with the City of Camarillo and County of Ventura animal regulations, must be housebroken and have controlled behavior prior to campus arrival. Disruptive animal behavior may result in removal of the animal. An approved ESA is permitted within the HRE complex only, they are not permitted inside campus buildings. Please discuss any questions or concerns with DASS staff.

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