CI Disability Accommodations and Support Services (DASS) looks forward to providing you resources and disability related accommodations to assist with your educational goals and student success. DASS determines services on a case by case basis by using a variety of methods including: documentation from a licensed professional, student’s self-report, observation of an evident disability and an interactive process between DASS and student.

Alternative testing

  • Students approved for this accommodation will have the option to take their quizzes, exams, mid-terms and finals with specific testing arrangements, which may include extra time, a reader, a private room, a scribe, breaks, use of a computer, enlarged print, etc. 

Preferential seating

  • Students approved for this accommodation will work with DASS and faculty to select a seat location within the classroom that supports their disability-related need.

Access to course information

Note Taking 

  •  Students approved for this accommodation will be able to request a note taker in their desired courses. Note taking services can be obtained in three ways:
    1) The student requesting the accommodation can ask another student enrolled in the same class if they would act as a note taker for them;

    2) The student requesting the accommodation may request a note taker through DASS Online Services during the first week of classes;

    3) Any Note Taking requests that have not been fulfilled during the first week of classes will be provided notes through the DASS Note Taking Express service, which will require students to record each lecture.

    • Please note that Note Taking services are not appropriate for every class! Although it may be an approved accommodation, not all course formats require this service. Note Taking applicability is largely dependent on the course/lab format(s) or environments. If you are approved for a Note Taking accommodation but are unsure whether your course is eligible, please contact your DASS Counselor.



    By upholding our commitment to serve students in innovative and effective ways, in spring 2018 Disability Accommodations and Support Services announced our new partnership with the Note Taking Express (NTE) software system.

     NTE provides access to course information by translating audio course lectures, recorded by DASS students, to digital notes taken by an assigned professional note taker. Each time a student submits audio-recorded lectures to NTE, the assigned NTE note taker then creates a digital, typed copy of notes from the lecture for students, typically within 24 hours of submission!

     DASS received positive feedback from our students who used NTE, and we are happy to inform you that by spring 2019, we will no longer have in-class note takers. DASS will fully transition to NTE to ensure all students have access to course information in a timely manner.

     Before we fully transition to NTE, In fall 2018; we will be providing a NTE account to DASS students enrolled in courses that do not have an in-class peer note taker secured within the first week of the semester. NTE will also be automatically assigned to DASS students that place their Note Taking requests after the first week of classes.

     The NTE software is accessible and convenient, giving students the option of using a cell phone app that is available for Android and iPhone users through your NTE dashboard. Alternatively, students can also use any recording device they prefer, but should be aware that the quality of results may vary. Additionally, students may request to check out recorders from DASS.

     You will receive an email from NTE with your username and password to your NTE account by the second week of classes.

     We understand that NTE may not be the best fit for some students with specific disability types such as hearing, hand/arm mobility and visual limitations, and advise these students to contact our office at 805-437-3331, to discuss your accommodation needs.

     We are here to assist you with using NTE services, and will be providing information regarding upcoming NTE workshops dates. Please contact us if you should have any questions or need assistance with the NTE service. 

Taping of Lecture

  • Students approved for this accommodation will be able to audio record their class lectures. 

Alternative media

  • Students approved for this accommodation will be able to request their textbooks in an accessible format which may include an accessible PDF and Word document, and access to Kurzweil 3000.
  • Electronic text conversion (e-text)
  • Large print conversion
  • Braille translation software
  • Braille embosser
  • Audio conversion
  • Alternative exam format
  • CCTV
  • Screen reading software

American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters

  • Students approved for this accommodation will be able to request interpreter services in classroom settings, as well as campus events.

Real Time Captioning (CART)

  • Students approved for this accommodation will be able to request captioning services (on-site or remote based on availability) in classroom settings, as well as campus events.

Priority Registration

  • Students approved for this accommodation will be able to receive early registration for classes.

*Please note: Each student’s accommodations are determined and approved on an individual basis and may include accommodations not listed above.

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