Scheduling an Appointment

If you would like to make an appointment, please contact the DASS Office so we can assist you in scheduling an appointment. Appointments usually last between 30-60 minutes depending on the type of appointment.

DASS Counselor Appointments

DASS New student Appointments 
DASS Housing student Appointments
DASS Returning student Appointments 
DASS Modification student Appointments

Alternative Media Appointments

New student Intake Appointments
Note: Appointments for specific alternative media accommodations are also available to go over any additional training needed or to discuss course material in need of alternative formats according to the student's approved alternative media accommodation with DASS.

Note Taking Appointments 

Peer Note Taking and NTE Live Appointments
Note Taking Express (NTE) Appointments
Note: To ensure timely resolutions of note-taking related concerns, students are responsible for immediately notifying DASS of any difficulties or issues about their note taking accommodations.

Other Appointments 

Informational Appointment
Note: This appointment is available for individuals that do not receive support from DASS and would like to learn more about the DASS program. This appointment is for information only. To receive academic and/or housing accommodations, you will need to complete the application process.
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