CSU Channel Islands Welcomes You!

Whether you are still in the process of choosing an institution or you’ve been a CSU Channel Islands (CSUCI) dolphin for a few years now, we are grateful for your interest in CSUCI and in our Housing & Residential Education programs. We hope the information provided here will assist you in understanding and utilizing our services, and also in guiding you through the process of applying for and obtaining on-campus housing.

Applying to CSUCI?

Check out the Freshman Admissions page or Transfer Admissions page.

Applying for Housing?

HRE anticipates the ability to accommodate all students who want or need to live on campus. However, in the event that demand exceeds capacity, we may need to prioritize who receives assignments as noted below.

In the possible event that the number of students needing on campus housing exceeds our allowed capacity, we will prioritize housing availability on the following criteria.

  1. Foster Youth registered through the CSUCI PATH Program.
  2. Homeless students registered through the CSUCI Path Program.
  3. Students with demonstrated Housing Insecurity as assessed by PATH or by the Basic Needs Coordinator or Dean of Students’ Office.
  4. Students who are enrolled in courses that will be provided in-person at CSUCI.
  5. Students living on campus for Summer 2022
  6. HRE student employees.
  7. Students who met the priority application deadline of May 9 for returning students, June 7 for First-year and Transfer students. If there are more students who met the deadline than the space available, a lottery will be drawn from among those who applied on time to determine who will receive room assignments.
Note: If needed, a waiting list will be maintained and spaces on campus will be offered to students on the waiting list if our on-campus capacity changes, and/or if students initially granted an assignment cancel their license agreement.

Thank you for your interest in Student Housing at CSUCI! You can apply to housing via your Housing application in your MyCI.

For information regarding the Housing 2021-2022 application, please visit the following pages.

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