NOTE: When completing payroll forms, please leave the social security field blank.  

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a convenient method to automatically deposit all of your net earnings into the financial institution of your choice. Once you enroll, all your payments, including supplemental payments such as overtime, awards/bonuses, etc., are transferred to your financial institution.

Replace a Lost or Destroyed Paycheck

If you did not receive your paycheck (lost on campus or in the mail), contact Payroll Services at ext. 3630 for a replacement.

Employees who received their paycheck and lost it or it was destroyed, are to complete only the “affidavit section” (middle section, under Important! See instructions on page 2 section). Then sign, date, and print copies, returning form to Human Resources, Lindero Hall. Payroll will complete the rest of the form to match payment history. Attach any destroyed check to expedite the replacement process.

Affidavit To Obtain A Replacement Check, (PDF, 123 KB)

Tax Withholdings Changes

Need assistance electing your withholdings? Go to:

  1. IRS Tax Withholding Estimator
  2. Employee W-4 / EAR eLearning Tool
  3. Quick Start Guide
  4. Employee Action Request Form (EAR) -STD 686, (PDF, 962KB)

    Complete form and return to Human Resources, Lindero Hall for processing. Note: Address Changes – refer to Human Resources website.

Time Reporting Forms

  1. Staff Timesheet - STD 634, (PDF, 470 KB)
  2. Student Timesheet, (PDF, 151 KB)
  3. Dock Notice, (PDF, 12 KB)
  4. Shift Differential Attendance Report, (MS Excel, 26 KB)


  1. Authorization for Extra Hours Worked - Excel, (MS Excel, 110 KB)
  2. Authorization for Extra Hours Worked - Adobe Sign
  3. Separation/Clearance Form (MS Word, 97.0 KB)

Warrant Officer Signature Changes

Work Schedule Changes

If your work schedule deviates from the standard Monday through Friday work week, a memo is required in Payroll indicating the effective date of change and the assigned days and hours for each day. Form requires you and your supervisor’s signature.

  1. 9/80 Approval Form, (PDF, 9 KB)
  2. Guidelines, (PDF, 72 KB)
  3. 9/80 FAQ's, (PDF, 123 KB)
  4. Work Schedule Change Form, (PDF, 153 KB)
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