• Initial setup:
    1. Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox are preferred browsers.
    2. Disable popup blocker for the CSU Learn site.
    3. If having any issues, clear browser cookies and cache.
    Find your training:
    1. Log into CSU Learn through myCI, authenticate, then choose CSU Learn
    2. In the CSU Learn Dashboard, click on the Assigned Learning tab.
    Depending on the training click on the Start, Retake or Register button.
  • New employees usually need to wait 24 to 48 hours after their initial employment start date for the Chancellor’s Office to provision a CSU ID that links to your Campus ID so that you can access CSU Learn. This process is automatic and occurs nightly. Contact your HR liaison if you are unable to access the system after 48 hours.

  • Some activities in CSU Learn will show a START button. If you do not see a Start button, look for the REGISTER button. The Start button should become visible once you are registered.
    Note that you should click directly on the word REGISTER. If you click on the arrow, that will open up a separate context menu.

  • Some users see a page which shows moving squares, course title, and a message which says that “online activity is in progress”. If you see this page, this is the tracking window. Please do not close the tracking window. You can minimize this window and look for your training course in another window. If you do not see any other windows open, please disable your popup blocker and re-launch the course.

  • Once you have taken a course for the first time, the system logs it as completed. Any follow-up courses, even if annual or bi-annual, users will click on the RETAKE/RESTART button to earn new year course credit.

  • Some trainings are assigned to all state employees.
    Some trainings are assigned through a combination of job codes and department codes, based on the nature of the job and department.
    Some trainings are assigned manually, in collaboration with subject matter experts or managers.

  • New state employees (faculty, staff, management, and student employees) need to complete online compliance courses no later than 30 days after their first day of work.
    You will be automatically assigned training through the CSU employee training system, CSU Learn, a week or two before your first paycheck. Please watch for emails from training.development@csuci.edu

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