NOTICE for IRA Applications Involving Travel -- California's prohibition on state-funded and state-sponsored travel to states with discriminatory laws (per Assembly Bill 1887):

In AB 1887, the California Legislature determined that "California must take action to avoid supporting or financing discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people."  Please see the following link for additional information and a current list of states subject to California’s ban on state-funded and state-sponsored travel (nine states as of 7/1/18: AL, KS, KY, MS, NC, OK, SD, TN & TX):


  • October 1, 2018: Deadline for applications for activities in the Spring 2019 semester
  • March 1, 2019: Deadline for applications for activities in Fall 2019 and Academic Year 2019-2020

All applications must be complete (including budget page) and be approved by both Program Chair and your respective dean or Associate Vice President (AVP) by three business days after this deadline, or it will not be considered.

Application Packet

Both the IRA application and a budget page are required for your application.

*Applications for UNIV 392 international travel must also include a copy of their Center for International Affairs proposal and budget page.

*If your application includes a request to conduct research at the Santa Rosa Island Research Station (SRIRS), you must first submit an online application to the SRIRS Director for review and approval.  The online application and more information about SRIRS research activities can be found on the SRIRS Research page and their homepage.

1) IRA Application Form

Our IRA Application is online! Complete the Online Application

The updated online application now has a "Save for Later" feature that allows proposers to resume edits on a proposal in progress; for your reference, the link to resume edits can be found here, then click on the link for "My Tasks" and select it from the menu. [Note: if you receive an access error when using a Safari browser, please try using Chrome or Firefox]

Here is a Word Document that lists out the questions from the IRA Application. (For reference only; Not to be used in lieu of completing the online application)

2) IRA Budget Form

Choose the appropriate form below. Please note that one of the following must be attached to your online application:

If you will be using Roadrunner Shuttle or Pegasus Transit for ground transportation, you may contact them for a price quote.  These authorized transportation providers will generally request this info to fulfill your request.  You can also send your shuttle/van/bus requests directly to the IRA Coordinator to set up your reservation (please fill out this info and send with email request).

Emergency Requests

Emergency Requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  Please refer to our guidelines on the Operating Policies and Procedures page.

IRA Report Form

Reports on IRA activities are required for IRA-funded events. Forms are due 30 days after the activity took place. Please email your completed report form to the IRA Coordinator (

IRA Post-Activity Report Form (MS Word, 57KB)

IRA Evaluations

Sponsors of IRA-funded actvities are encouraged to utilize some form of student evaluation as part of their required project report. The IRA student evaluation form below is an example of a form to distribute to activity attendees. Digital evaluations are preferred. Contact the IRA Coordinator if you need help creating an online evaluation survey (via Qualtrics) for your students.

Student Evaluation Form (MS Word, 24 KB)

IRA Applications for Academic Year 2018-2019

Fall 2018 Applications for IRA Funds:

IRA Applications for Academic Year 2017-2018

List of IRA Funded Projects for Spring 2018 (MS Excel, 14.9KB)

Spring 2018 Applications for IRA Funds:

Fall 2017 Funded Projects: 

List of Funded IRA Projects for Fall 2017 (MS Excel, 13.9KB)

  • 0885 Community Member Mediation Coaching, Clarke (PDF, 49.3KB)
  • 0886 Campus-wide Lecture: "Nevertheless She Persisted," Clarke (PDF, 50.2KB)
  • 0887 Campus Reading Celebration 2017, Peters (PDF, 51.9KB)
  • 0888 UNIV 391: Environmental Policy in Alaska (Spring 2018), Clarke (PDF, 54.8KB)
  • 0889 Growing Awareness: Continuing Development, Maher (PDF, 51.9KB)
  • 0890 Model United Nations, Grove (PDF, 52.6KB)
  • 0891 Hollywood Cold Reading Workshop, Covault (PDF, 49.6KB)
  • 0892 Santa Rosa Research Trip, Clarke (PDF, 51.1KB)
  • 0893 Edits for book "Hurricane Katrina and the Lessons of Disaster Relief," Powelson (PDF, 51.6KB)
  • 0894 PAMU 307 University Chorus Fall 2017 WInter Concert Workshop, Liu (PDF, 56.7KB)
  • 0895 The Latino Museum of History, Art, and Culture, Gavino (PDF, 60.1KB)
  • 0896 Field Methods for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) on Santa Rosa Island, Patsch (PDF, 54.5KB)
  • 0897 The Natural and Cultural History of Costa Rica, Rodriguez (PDF, 54.1KB)
  • 0898 Beatles Guest Artist Series, Murphy (PDF, 50.2KB)
  • 0899 Jazz Guest Artist Series, Murphy (PDF, 49.9KB)
  • 0900 Daniel Lee Music Festival, Murphy (PDF, 55.4KB)
  • 0901 CSU Student Research & SCCUR Funding, Kelly (PDF, 52.0KB)
  • 0902 ENGL Guest Speakers, Peters (PDF, 47.2KB)
  • 0903 Martin Flores Drum and Percussion Specialist, Bickel (PDF, 48KB)
  • 0904 King Lear at the Rubicon Theatre, Covault (PDF, 50.8KB)
  • 0905 Chemistry Department Seminar, Aloisio (PDF, 49.0KB)
  • 0906 Jobs in the Disability Field, Linton (PDF, 52.3KB)
  • 0907 Serve It Up, Pacheco (PDF, 51.8KB)
  • 0908 Human Adaptation and Enviornment Impact on Santa Cruz Island, Abramiuk (PDF, 51.4KB)
  • 0909 Guest Speaker Erin Suzuki, Guzman (PDF, 55.5KB)
  • 0910 Psychology Guest Speaker Series, Volkan (PDF, 48.9KB)
  • 0911 Perspectives on Disability, Itkonen (PDF, 53.2KB)
  • 0912 Fall 2017: Engl/HIST 430 The 1960s and 70 Speaker Series, Barajas (PDF, 51.0KB)
  • 0913 WMC Writing Lab, Lee (PDF, 50.4KB)
  • 0914 Back to the Future: Lessons from St. Francis Dam Tragedy for Today, Alamillo (PDF, 55.2KB)
  • 0915 BIO 310 Vertebrate Zoology Trip to Santa Island Research Station, Norris (PDF, 50.1KB)
  • 0916 Indigenous People's Day, Valadez (PDF, 52.0KB)
  • 0917 Multiple Performing Arts Events and Activities, Liu (PDF, 51.9KB)
  • 0918 From the Dustbin of History, Powelson (PDF, 52.3KB)
  • 0919 Global Premodern Studies Speaker Series, Perchuk (PDF, 55.6KB)
  • 0920 ECS and Performing Arts: Narritive Inquiry at Santa Rosa Island, White (PDF, 52.1KB)
  • 0921 Invited Speakers and Field Trip for ESRM 335 The Beach, Patsch (PDF, 51.7KB)
  • 0922 ACM Intercollegiate Programming Contest, Thoms (PDF, 53.3KB)
  • 0923 "The Other California" History Community Seminar, Ornelas-Higdon (PDF, 56.3KB)
  • 0924 CI Steel Band Recording Project, McNamara (PDF, 51.8KB)
  • 0925 Reflection of Diversity in the Theatre, Davis (PDF, 48.6KB)
  • 0926 Human Impact on Santa Rosa, Furmanski (PDF, 49.3KB)
  • 0927 World Music Concert/Demonstration Series, Marsh (PDF, 54.2KB)
  • 0928 Sustainability at CI, Aloisio (PDF, 51.8KB)
  • 0929 ESRM Spring Speaker Series, Anderson (PDF, 50.7KB)
  • 0930 Music in History Recital/Demonstration Series, Marsh (PDF, 55.5KB)
  • 0931 Festival of Digital Media, Design, Art, and Print, Delgado (PDF, 49.2KB)
  • 0932 Campus-wide Colloquium: Organizational Communication and Social Change, Feister (PDF, 52.3KB)
  • 0933 English Speaker Series, Carswell (PDF, 51.3KB)
  • 0934 Air Quality Monitoring, Wood (PDF, 52.1KB)
  • 0935 Visual Trumpery, Anderson (PDF, 50.5KB)
  • 0936 Central California Field Trip: ESRM 462, Anderson (PDF, 50.2KB)
  • 0937 Exploring Accessibility to Parks, Protected Areas, and Other Open Spaces in the Trump Era, Anderson (PDF, 52.0KB)
  • 0938 Service Learning in New Orleans 2018, Anderson (PDF, 53.3KB)
  • 0939 Acts & Actos: An Evening of Short Plays in English, Spanish, and Spanglish, Burriss (PDF, 57.1KB)
  • 0940 Exploring Technology for Enviornment Monitoring on Santa Rosa Island, Bieszczad (PDF, 49.2KB)
  • 0941 Spirituality of Resistance and Prayer to the Mother Waters, Luna (PDF, 71.4KB)
  • 0941 Budget File for Spirituality of Resistance and Prayer to the Mother Waters, Luna (MS Word, 13.8KB)
  • 0942 Guest Speaker Writer Antonio Soler, Jimenez-Jimenez (PDF, 79.9KB)
  • 0942 Budget File for Guest Speaker Writer Antonio Soler, Jimenez-Jimenez (MS Excel, 198KB)
  • 0943 English Capstone Creative Thinking Trip to Santa Rosa Island, Vose (PDF, 73.2KB)
  • 0943 Budget File for English Capstone Creative Thinking Trip to Santa Rosa Island, Vose (MS Excel, 203KB)


Archive of Proposals from previous years

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