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533B UNIV 392: Biotechnology in India, Parmar (497KB)

0549 Campus Reading Celebration, Cook (61KB)

0554 World Music Guest Artists (N. Dhillon & P. Livingstone 10/29), Marsh (45KB)

0558 UNIV 392 Science and Technology in Japan, Aloisio (PDF, 195KB)

0559 Model United Nations - Seattle (Grove/Scholl 11/2013) (11KB)

0561 Archaeological Fieldwork on Santa Rosa Island, Delaney (506KB)

0562 ACM International Intercollegiate Programming Contest, A.J. Bieszczad (309KB)

0563 National Park Field Experience, Rodriguez/Wakelee (831KB)

0564 Cross-Cultural Psychology and Cultural Diversity in Japan, Martinez (PDF, 7.49MB)

0567 Beatles Guest Artists (Emerick), Murphy (36KB)

0567 Beatles Guest Artists, Emerick (Spring 2014), Murphy (82KB)

0567 Beatles Guest Artists (Juber), Murphy (36KB)

0568 Music in History (Nesteruk 11/26/13), Marsh (225KB)

0569 Jazz Performance/ Lecture Series (Lott/Rosen, 09/16/13) Marsh (27KB)

0569 Jazz Performance/ Lecture Series (C. Felton / S. Stein, 11/6), Marsh (52KB)

0570 Service Learning Livescan Fund, Pacheco (75KB)

0574 UNIV 392: Nursing in Ireland, Hunter (117KB)

0577 & 0578 Santa Rosa Island & Santa Cruz Island Trips, Chapman (609KB)

0580 Farmworker Immersion/ César Chávez Day, Pacheco (956KB) 

0582 Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Pacheco (392KB)

0586 Noche de Fiesta, Kornuc (1.1MB)

589 Southern California Writing Centers Association Conference, Klompien (116KB)

0590 Model United Nations, Grove/ Scholl (702KB)

0593 UNIV 392 South Africa (PDF, 232KB)

0602 Arts Under the Stars, Castillo (554 KB)

0603 Paperback Writer Band, Murphy (72KB)

604 World Music Guest Perf/ Lecture Series (Amadou Fall), Marsh (223KB)

604 World Music Guest Perf/ Lecture Series (Dhillon/ Livingstone 3/12/14), Marsh (PDF, 18MB)

0604 World Music Performance, Debussy Trio (04/10/14), Marsh (224KB)

0604 World Music Concert/ Demonstration, Flamenco (04/07/14), Marsh (99KB)

0604 World Music Performance, Irish Music (04/14/14), Marsh (177.7KB)

0606 Music In History, Gary Nesteruk (04/03/14), Marsh (180KB)

607 Jazz Performance/Clinician Series (2/26/14), Marsh (2.8MB)

607 Jazz Performance/ Clinician Series ("Jazz Meets the Beatles- 3/10/14"), Marsh (166KB)