Instructionally Related Activities Funds Request Summary

Project SponsorPilar Pacheco
Activity TitleUnited Way Day of Caring
Activity/Event DateSeptember 2014
Date Funding Needed ByAugust 2014
Previously Funded?No
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Report submitted for previously Funded Activity
Academic Program or Center NameCenter for Community Engagement
Estimated total Course Fee revenue0
Amount Requested from IRA1100
Estimated Number of Students Participating48
Conditions and ConsiderationsField Trip
Brief Activity DescriptionThe Center for Community Engagement (CCE) is requesting funding for two 24 passenger Roadrunner shuttles to participate in Ventura County's United Way Day of Caring, to take place on Saturday, September (date TBD), 2014. This event gathers local companies/organizations, families and friends together to make a difference in our community. Volunteers choose from a variety of hands-on service projects that involve spending a half or full day assisting the needs of local nonprofit agencies. Projects range from painting, landscaping, and minor construction to office work, as well as delivering items such as meals or clothing.

This event will bring together CI teams of students, staff and faculty to help nonprofit organizations in the community with a variety of tasks. CI participants will be among 1,000 volunteers helping 30+ community organizations across Ventura County. Some of the volunteer projects will include: leading arts and crafts activities for children, painting and freshening up community centers, creating a garden of hope for cancer patients, sorting food at food banks and pantries and more. All volunteers will receive a Day of Caring T-shirt for their participation.

CI participants will register/choose a project via a Qualtrics application. We will meet on campus on the day of the event for a short orientation and then ride together on the bus to the service sites. Participants will leave CI by Roadrunner Shuttle, and taken to their service site from 9:00-12:00 PM. CI students will arrive back on campus around 12:30 PM for pizza and a reflection workshop.The CCE will meet with the campus Risk Manager to ensure all field trip policies are followed.

This activity will be linked to UNIV 250: Sophomore Seminar. The learning objectives for this course include:
- Take individual and collective actions which can address issues of public concern
- Deliberate with others and present arguments clearly, logically, and creatively
This activity will provide students an opportunity understand a community issue or needs, learn more about what non-profits are doing in our community and, through reflection circles, be able to speak about their community experience.

Learning Outcomes and Relation to IRA to Course OfferingsThe Center for Community Engagement (CCE) will partner with UNIV 250: Sophomore Seminar. This course highlights interdisciplinary connections in scholarship and “ways of knowing” and fosters in students their development as self-reflective, culturally aware, and responsive community participants. Students gain hands-on experience, knowledge, and skills about local communities and community organizations and learn how different academic disciplines apply to real world problems. The course requires community service work, in addition to class time, during the semester. The United Way Day of Service will be used as primer to the students' semester-long service-learning projects and accompanying reflection journals, and as an opportunity for students to give back to their community. At the end of the day of service, CCE student leaders will lead reflection circles so that students can share their experience. However, throughout the semester, as a part of UNIV 250, students will be serving at non-profit sites and writing reflection journals. Both of these activities will have been introduced to them at the day of service.
Description of Assessment ProcessAll participants will complete a survey at the end of the day, questions may include the following:

Participant Assessment Questions

•What have you learned about yourself?
•What have you learned about your community?
•What have you contributed to the community site?
•What values, opinions, beliefs have changed?
•What was the most important lesson learned
•How have you been challenged?
•What should others do about this issue?
•What impact did you have on the community?

Programmatic Assessment Questions

1. What do you see as the strengths of this activity?
2. What are the activity's challenges?
3 What improvements would you make to this activity?
4. Is this an activity you would want to particpate in next year?
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Other Sources of FundingN/A
Target Audience/Student MarketingThe CI Campus community - students, faculty and staff. The Center for Community Engagement will use social media, wavelength, tabling, classroom visits (with special emphasis on UNIV courses) and the student global email to promote our event. For UNIV 250 students, this activity will be included in the syllabus.
Bring Benefit to CampusThis event will be highlighted as a part of the poster session for the Celebration of Service (COoS) in May 2015. The poster will include: project description, impact, reflection and pictures. Students from UNIV 250 and others who participated in the day of service will be invited to come and share their experience with CoS guests (i.e. campus and community-at-large).

Program Chair/Directormarie.francois
Academic Affairs AVPelizabeth.hartung
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ApprovalI approve the IRA Funds Request described on this page
NameMarie Francois
Date/Time3/5/2014 1:41:54 PM

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ApprovalI approve the IRA Funds Request described on this page
NameElizabeth Hartung
Date/Time3/5/2014 1:58:20 PM