Instructionally Related Activities Funds Request Summary

Project SponsorMatthew Cook
Activity TitleCampus Reading Celebration
Activity/Event Date10/2014
Date Funding Needed By7/2014
Previously Funded?Yes
Semester/Yearthis has been funded 10 previous times
Proposal #
Report submitted for previously Funded Activity?Yes
Report submitted for previously Funded Activityira-report-form-511.docx (MS Word, 222.3KB)
Academic Program or Center NameLibrary
Estimated total Course Fee revenue0.00
Amount Requested from IRA25,000.00
Estimated Number of Students Participating500
Conditions and ConsiderationsLarge Event
Brief Activity DescriptionThe purpose of the Campus Reading Celebration is to provide an annual opportunity for the entire campus community to share in a common intellectual experience. The Campus Reading Celebration Task Force/ made up of representatives from across the university/ has further defined objectives for this program. Many students at CSUCI hve never before attended an event in which they/ve had the opportunity to encounter the author of a book they have read. The Campus Reading Celebration attempts to give them not only a chance to hear the author read a bit from their work and talk about that work/ but also a substantial opportunity to interact with that author. By providing students an opportunity to see that books are not dead artifacts/ but vibrant entities with which they can interact through reading/ thinking/ discussing with peers/ professors/ and their families and friends in formal and informal settings/ we seek to empower them to become engaged readers who incorporate books into their frameworks for critical thinking. Encountering the author of a book they have had the chance to read/ think about and discuss is the culmination of that experience.
Learning Outcomes and Relation to IRA to Course OfferingsAll members of the campus community (students/ faculty/ staff and administrators) will have the opportunity to:
• Read the same Campus Reading Celebration book that will focus on one or more of the CSUCI Pillars (lnterdisciplinarity1 International Perspectives/ Multicultural Perspectives and Service Learning and Civic Engagement);
• Discuss the Campus Reading Celebration book with each other in both formal and informal settings;
• Interact with the author of the Campus Reading Celebration book to aid in the demystification of books and/or authors;
• Engage in open dialogue relating to multicultural perspectives/ international perspectives/ interdisciplinarity and/or service learning and civic engagement;
• Experience a CSUCI program that combines co-curricular and curricular activities
Description of Assessment ProcessThe CRC is annual event at Cl and is an important part of our culture and curriculum. The book chosen is used throughout the campus/ in different disciplines/ and often lives on in our collections/ pedagogy/ and collective memory. Last year/ for instance/ over 500 people attended the event and 11500 books were distributed to the university population (see attached for more information).

Certainly/ we will report statistics associated with the event/ particularly attendance. We will also circulate/ collect/ and report our survey results given to all attendees. We believe the survey will be beneficial in assisting with the choice of a CRC book and author going forward.

But the true measure of success will be in the number of classes that employ the book. And we will report on that as well.
Activity Budgetaction-log-crc-2013.xlsx (MS Excel, 23.9KB)
CIA Budget
CIA Proposal
Course Syllabus
CIA Certification
Other Sources of FundingThe Provost and Student Affairs have offered financial support in the past that we have allocated to light refreshments.
Target Audience/Student MarketingFrankly, the intended audience is everybody--faculty, staff, students as well as those outside the CI Campus. We've employed posters, social media, and have worked closely with Communications and Marketing to get the word out. In addition, one of our best marketing tools are our faculty who teach the text in class and encourage student participation.
Bring Benefit to CampusI'm not sure that I understand this question. How can we bring back an event that is campus based? Does this refer to travel applications?
SustainabilityPerhaps we will ask catering to employ sustainable cups, cutlery, and plates when they prepare the light snacks?
Program Chair/Directordebra.hoffman
Academic Affairs AVPstephen.stratton
AcknowledgementI acknowledge that I have reviewed and accepted the Conditions and Considerations herein. Please check off boxes as appropriate.

Program Chair/Director Approval

ApprovalI approve the IRA Funds Request described on this page
NameDebra Hoffmann
Date/Time3/12/2014 1:36:03 PM

Academic Affairs AVP Approval

ApprovalI approve the IRA Funds Request described on this page
NameStephen Stratton
Date/Time3/15/2014 7:28:44 AM