Instructionally Related Activities Funds Request Summary

Project SponsorPauline Hunter
Activity TitleUNIV 392 Global Healthcare
Activity/Event Date1/3/15 - 1/17/15
Date Funding Needed ByOctober 2014
Previously Funded?Yes
Semester/YearSpring Semester 2014
Proposal #574
Report submitted for previously Funded Activity?Yes
Report submitted for previously Funded Activitystudent-assessment-ireland-winter-2014.docx (MS Word, 31.3KB)
Academic Program or Center NameNURSING
Estimated total Course Fee revenue$36,614.00
Amount Requested from IRA$32,964.00
Estimated Number of Students Participating10
Conditions and ConsiderationsInternational Travel
Brief Activity DescriptionTen final year nursing students travelled to Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland to complete the UNIV 392 course ‘Globalization and Healthcare.’ This program entailed an intense 2-week academic course (Monday-Friday 8.30am - 4pm) conducted in Trinity College by the School of Nursing and Midwifery. The students were able to critically examine different health structures and contemporary health problems in Ireland; meet nursing students in round table exchange of student experiences in both Queens University in Belfast and Trinity College Dublin. Travel to Belfast and meet with the Health Minister for Ireland in Stormont Government Buildings to discuss health policy. Meet with top leading Irish and European nurse researchers to discover what innovative practices are being developed. Nightly there was post conference sessions in preparation for the following day.

The students got the opportunity to visit various major hospitals and be mentored by top clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners in the burns center, intensive care units, med/surg areas, midwifery and extremely busy emergency departments in the heart of the city. They visited community healthcare projects in areas of social deprivation and poverty and were taught to employ a trans-cultural approach to solving health care problems.

They experienced the culture and lifestyle by walking tours of the city, organized tour of Trinity College, visiting the Book of Kells, the ‘Long Gallery’ - magnificent Library in Trinity College. Contemporary exhibitions in the Science Gallery, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, the James Joyce Centre, Dublin Writers Museum, Guinness and Jameson Factory Tour. They watched the show, ‘Riverdance’ and experienced traditional Irish music festivals in the Temple Bar region on the River Liffey. They even travelled to Cork City and visited the castle to kiss the ‘Blarney Stone’

Following completion of the two-week program the students were able to meet the following program objectives:
1. Evaluate the organization and delivery of the health care in Ireland.
2. Identify the historical and recent trends of nursing administration, education, and practice in Ireland.
3. Describe the sociopolitical and economic influences on current and future nursing practice, education, and administration.
4. Explore evidence-based nursing knowledge being disseminated from Ireland
5. Define the advanced practice nursing roles currently in Ireland’s health system.
6. Compare and contrast nursing administration, practice, education and health care systems between Ireland and the United States.
7. Interpret based on their readings and experiences to gain insight to their own perspectives of diversity, cultural and health care.

This was measured by their independent study projects identifying many healthcare topics in Ireland such as suicide, abortion, cancer, palliative care, , person centered care, midwifery. Four of these papers have been sent to various international journals for publication. Their group paper was to present a chapter formatted to integrate into Carol Hortz book ‘Global Health Issues’ as Ireland was to be a chapter in her next edition of the book. I have sent Carol the first draft and she is willing to recognize each student for the work they have done in putting together this chapter on’ Healthcare in Ireland’.

Learning Outcomes and Relation to IRA to Course Offerings
NRS 350 Nursing Research (3)
The students get the opportunity in Ireland to meet with top leading Irish and European nurse researchers to discover what innovative practices are being developed. They get the opportunity to apply this in practice in Ireland and when they return home to apply evidenced based practice in their assigned hospitals and to share with RNs on their units. This is a continuous process as the students were given special links/resources to these top researchers for future developments.

NRS 352 Health Promotion and Patient Education Strategies (3)
During the trip to Ireland students visited community healthcare projects in areas of social deprivation and poverty and were taught to employ a trans-cultural approach to solving health care problems. Also the importance of opportunistic health promotion to such disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. They have to deliver this non judgemental outcome in their own clinical practice in area hospitals assigned when they return home and understand more the socio economic backgrounds of the homeless....

NRS 391 Transition to Professional Practice Lab (2)
Students got the opportunity to be mentored by top clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners in the burns center, intensive care units, med/surg areas, midwifery and extremely busy emergency departments in the heart of the city. This is wonderful preparation for this professional transition time. As you can see in their evaluations this has already made a major impact in their professional and academic lives now and for many years to come.

Description of Assessment Process
Students will be graded based on the following distribution of effort:
Attendance/behavior 20%
Independent Interest Project 20%
Travel Reflective Journal 20%
Debate 40%

Independent Interest Project: 20%
Select a topic related to health care that students wanted to specifically investigate in Ireland. Compare and contrast the topic/issue in Ireland with that of the United States. Potential publication. Presentation of paper to CI community. On our return from this years visit to Ireland four of these papers have gone to international nursing journals for publication.

Reflective Journal 20%
This turned out to be an excellent tool that I put on blackboard for reflection and nightly post conferences with the students.

Attendance/Behavior 20%
All students attended all sessions of classes at the institute, all planned excursions and special events. There is scheduled down time to enjoy this trip, but it is very much an academic experience.

Final Debate: 40%
A debate on the following,'The Irish Healthcare system is better than the USA system' and will be formally adjudicated by an interdisciplinary panel.

Activity Budgetbudget-2014-15.xls (MS Excel, 33.5KB)
CIA Budgetbudget-2014-15.xls (MS Excel, 33.5KB)
CIA Proposalcia-a1-form-university-392-international-course-proposal-11.doc (MS Word, 114KB)
Course Syllabusuniv-392-syllabus.docx (MS Word, 130KB)
CIA CertificationI certify that students attending this trip are not previous or repeat attendees of a prior International UNIV 392 Trip
Other Sources of FundingCourse Fees - $17,000.00 this will be funded by the students
Target Audience/Student MarketingUndergraduate final year nursing students. I am also aware that this is IRA funding from all students and have discussed with Antonio extending the numbers on the trip from 10-15 and leave the other 5 places open to various disciplines i.e. sociology/psychology students. All our final year students are very aware of this program as our present students who have completed the program have presented their experience to some of the other classes. They are also doing a St Patricks Day presentation 6,30-8.30pm in the Students Union on their overall experience in Ireland.
Bring Benefit to CampusInternational Week presentation at CSU Channel Islands.
St Patricks Day presentation at the Students Union 17th March
Article by students in 'Channel' next edition plus an article in 'Wavelength'.
Interns for the next cohort of students building our own interdisciplinary infrastructure
Faculty from Trinity College in Dublin plan to visit the campus in May 2014
SustainabilityIt is hoped that this program would be an exclusive yearly event which has been very successful this year for the students, professionally, academically and personally. However, some of the course fees would have to be paid for by the students.Final e mail from the Director of International Affairs at Trinity CollegeFrom: Naomi Elliott []

Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2014 4:36 AM
To: Hunter, Pauline
Subject: RE: International Winter School

Hi Pauline

Please send us some of the Californian sunshine! I am delighted your presentations went well- I am sure your students did excellent presentations as well. Feedback from our side is that everyone including clinical staff loved having your students, so they were truly first class ambassadors for your university.

Thank you for your kind comments and delighted to hear the students liked the Trinity mugs! Yes we would be delighted to have another group of students, and I will be able to confirm the dates etc. later. We would like to be able to do the Winter School in early 2015, and I am 99.9% confident that my School Executive will say yes……so happy to reserve places for your students.

Take care

Naomi Elliott, PhD, RGN, RNT
Director of International Initiatives
School of Nursing & Midwifery
Trinity College Dublin
24 D'Olier Street
Dublin 2
Program Chair/Directorkaren.jensen
Academic Affairs AVPkaren.carey
AcknowledgementI acknowledge that I have reviewed and accepted the Conditions and Considerations herein. Please check off boxes as appropriate.

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