Changes to a student academic record are managed by the Records and Registration office. Your academic record can be viewed on CI Records. It is your (student’s) responsibility to ensure academic records are current and up to date. All requests types have a process that is outlined on each form.

Academic Record request types

Academic Records requests include Change of Major, Course Substitution Requests, Degree Progress Report Discrepancy requests, Enrollment Changes, Requests for Enrollment Verifications, and changes to your biographic information (ex. name changes).

Change of Major, Emphasis, or Minor requests

In order to claim or change a Major, Emphasis or Minor, you must fill out the Change of Major/Minor request form.

Change of Major/Minor (Undergraduate students only) (PDF, 94.1KB)
Change of Objective (Graduate/Post-baccalaureate students only) (PDF, 88.2KB)

Request for Substitutions to General Education, Major, or Minor

Request for substitutions are typically used if you transferred in a course that is not articulated as an equivalent CI course and you are requesting approval to use the transferred course in the campus requirement's place. After discussing your options with your academic program advisor, you may also request an internal alternate course substitution in your major if the required course is not being offered.

GE/Graduation Course Substitution request (PDF, 113KB)
Major/Minor Course Substitution request (PDF, 112KB)

Petition for Exception (PDF, 78.8KB) 
CI Academic Requirements and Transfer Credit Reports Discrepancy request  (PDF, 123KB)

Enrollment Change Requests

Enrollment change requests include documents for adding and dropping courses, requesting an academic leave of absence, or requesting to withdraw from the term.

Add form (PDF, 174KB) Drop form (PDF, 183KB)
Request for Academic Leave (PDF, 77KB)
Term Withdrawal request
(PDF, 616KB)

Request for Enrollment Verifications

Request for verifications include Enrollment Verifications and Letter of Anticipated completion of degree.

Enrollment Verification request (PDF, 84KB)
Letter of Anticipated completion request (PDF, 76KB)

Request for Bio/Demographic changes

Information on requests for changes to student’s personal information, such as name changes are available on the following web pages:

Application for Name Change process
Residency Reclassification process
FERPA Request to Withhold Directory information

Personal Information changes via myCI

Students can change their personal information, such as mailing address, electronic address, phone number, and emergency contacts through their myCI accounts.

How to Update Your Personal Contact Information (PDF, 429KB)
myCI> CI Records