What-If reports allow you to simulate a CARR for planning purposes. Run a What-if report if you are considering a different major, emphasis, or option. A What-If report can also help you determine whether a course you plan to take will meet your requirements. You can choose to simulate a "what-if" major or "what-if" courses at the same time or separately. 

Run a What-If  Reports

 You can view your What-If by following these steps:

  1. Log in to myCI
  2. Select CI Records in the My Links section
  3. Once in your Student center, in the drop down menu, Select "what-if scenario”
  4. Click “Create New Report”
  5. To select a new major, use the drop down menu to select:
    1. Area of Study (major or minor)
    2. Plan Term (current term recommended)
    3. Concentration (emphasis or option if appropriate)
    4. Subplan Term (current term recommended if appropriate)
  6. To select a course:
    1. Choose a subject
    2. Click “select” on desired courses
    3. Repeat for additional courses
  7. Click on the “Submit Request” button to generate simulated CARR  

How to View your What-If Program Scenario Report (PDF, 1.62MB)

Major What-If

Run a What-If report and view the requirements for a major you are considering. Designate up to three “what-if” majors or minors at a time. In the results the report will swap your current major and replace it with the "what-if" major. In the results your coursework will satisfy the “what-if” major. Prepare for your next advising appointment and improve your decision making by running What-f reports.

Course What-If

Run a What-If Report and simulated enrollment  for classes you plan to take next semester. The results will display how the "what-if" courses will satisfy your current or "what-if" major. Prepare for your next advising appointment and improve your decision making by running a What-If report for future terms.


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