What is the difference between Graduation and Commencement?


Graduation is the conferral of a degree and the issuance of a diploma. A student graduates when they have applied to graduate online on CI Records and have met all formal degree requirements. For a guide on how to apply to graduate online, please click here.

Commencement is the formal ceremony that is held each May to recognize the achievements of degree candidates, graduates, and teaching credential recipients.

What requirements must be fulfilled to earn a degree?


You can refer to the University Catalog for your catalog year for details regarding your particular program and unit requirements. For most students, the CI Academic Requirements Report (CARR) shows degree requirements.

Can I complete a minor or certificate along with my Bachelor's degree?


Yes, you can declare a minor/certificate with a Request for Change of Major/Minor form (Adobe Sign)

The award of a minor/certificate will be reflected on your transcript but not on your diploma. Your minor can only be awarded at the same time as your Bachelor's degree and not afterward.

Can I complete two majors simultaneously?


You may complete two major programs simultaneously, but both major programs must be completed by your graduation date.

Will I get separate diplomas for each major?


If you are completing two BA degrees (eg. BA: Art and BA: Psychology) both completed majors will appear on one diploma. If you are completing both a BA and a BS degree (eg. BS: Business and BA: Political Science) each completed major will appear on separate diplomas.

Your transcript will note the completion of both major programs.

When will my degree be posted?


Review of your academic record begins approximately two weeks after your final semester, once grades have been posted. All documents that affect your degree (eg. petitions, transcripts for transfer work, substitutions, grade changes, requirements, waivers) must be submitted to the Registrar's Office.

You will be notified via myCI email of one of the following:

  • You have successfully completed all requirements, and your diploma has been ordered.
  • You have not met one or more degree requirements.

It takes 8-10 weeks for the Registrar's Office to review all graduation applicants.

What is Batch Posting?


Beginning with Spring 2015 graduation, the Registrar's Office implemented batch graduation processing, eliminating the need to manually evaluate each individual student record and thus increasing the processing rate.  

If all degree requirements are met, and there are no outstanding checklist items, eligible students will have their degree batch posted.  Applicants that do not get batch posted will be manually reviewed by an evaluator.

What if I need proof of my degree?


Transcripts are the formal verification of degree(s) earned. Requests for Official Transcripts must be submitted online. Visit our Official Transcript Ordering webpage for detailed information. Please note that transcripts cannot be issued until all outstanding obligations, fees or holds due to the University are cleared.

When will I receive my diploma?


  • Diplomas will be ordered following verification of degree.
    • Degree processing begins two weeks after grades post
    • It takes 8-10 weeks to confer degrees
  • Diplomas are mailed from a separate company and take up to one month to arrive.
  • Diplomas will be sent to the mailing address on record with CI. Please check your CI Records account via myCI to verify that your mailing address is correct and up-to-date.
  • The name that will appear on your diploma is based on the primary name we have in CI Records. This information can be viewed in your Student Center by navigating to 'Personal Information' and selecting 'Names'. If you need to update your name, please do so as soon as you are able.
  • Diplomas will not be released if there is a hold on your record. Please check your CI Records account via myCI for any holds.

See Diploma Information

Can I attend classes after I graduate?


No. After your degree is awarded, you need to apply for admission as a graduate or post-baccalaureate student, or enroll through Extended University in order to continue taking classes at CSU Channel Islands.

What if my degree is not yet posted, but I need proof of anticipated completion of degree?


A Letter of Anticipated Completion Request is available via the forms library. It is an official letter recognizing a student's candidacy for graduation, not confirmation of student's degree.

What happens if all degree requirements are not completed?


You will be notified via myCI email that you are missing degree requirements. You may need to change your graduation term and complete remaining requirements.

Some graduate programs require an "RP" grade for courses that extend beyond one academic term. Therefore, a student cannot graduate until all the coursework has been completed and an appropriate grade assigned.

Why am I missing degree requirements?


Some factors that impede completion of degree requirements are:

  • Academic dishonesty
  • Academic dismissal
  • Failure of required course(s)
  • GPA below a 2.00 (3.00 Master's)
  • Incomplete, RP, RD grades
  • Lower grade than required by major of course
  • Not enough overall units
  • Failure to submit final transcripts from all schools attended

What if I will not finish my degree requirements by my anticipated graduation date and need to postpone my graduation semester?


You will need to submit a Request for Change of Graduation Term form (PDF)

Can I finish my degree through Extended University if I am missing degree requirements?


No. Degree candidates missing graduation requirements must complete coursework through regular enrollment. Per Executive Order 1099, students who are eligible to enroll in a regular session may not complete remaining coursework through self-supporting special sessions such as CI's Extended University. “Eligible to enroll” means that you were enrolled in the previous semester and receive an enrollment appointment for the subsequent term.

How can I finish my degree requirements if I have been discontinued as an active student?


If you have been away from Channel Islands for three semesters or more, it is still possible to earn your degree. However, you will need to change your anticipated graduation term, and submit a petition to graduate in absentia and maintain original catalog rights. Other steps may be required. Please contact registrar@csuci.edu for assistance.

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