Common Enrollment Errors

Appointment Errors

I am trying to enroll in classes and I don’t have a registration appointment.

Students must wait until their assigned date and time in order to register. An error will also occur if you do not have an enrollment appointment. If you have applied to graduate and were missing requirements, you will need to change your graduation term by submitting a Request for Change of Graduation Term. If you are a new student, you must attend the mandatory orientation to receive a registration appointment.

How do I see my registration time?

A: Enrollment appointments can be viewed in your Student Center within CI Records. Log into your myCI account and go to your Student Center. The appointment is located on the right hand side.

Permission Number Errors

I got a permission number to add a class, but it’s not working. What do I do?

Permission numbers are specific to course prefix and section number. (Example: HIST 333, Section 01 – cross listed with CHS 333, Section 01). These permission numbers are one-time use for a specific section only. An enrollment error will occur if the permission number used is not for exact prefix and section. You may need to go back to the instructor for a new permission number for the exact section that you would like to enroll.

I got a permission number to enroll in a class and I am not sure where to enter it?

Once you have selected the class, you will be taken to the Enrollment Preferences page. You may enter a class specific Permission Number as shown below. Note: Your professor will give you a permission number if they have allowed you into the class. The permission number can only be used by one student and cannot be shared.

I am trying to use a permission number to add my class and I get the message that the time to enroll is not permitted at this time.

Permission numbers expire after the third week of classes and adding is no longer permitted, per campus policy.  If you have an extenuating reason for a late add, you will need to submit an Late Add Petition with instructor and program chair signatures to Registrar’s Office. 

Prerequisite Errors

I am trying to enroll in a chemistry course, but I get an error message that seats available are reserved and I do not meet the minimum requirements, but I have taken the prerequisite courses.

Departments may choose to reserve seats in courses for students in a particular major. You may place yourself on the waitlist for the course. As seats become available to students that do not meet the reserve capacity, students from the waitlist will be moved into the course in accordance to the number of seats available.

For additional prerequisite information please visit our Prerequisite Error FAQ.

Repeat Errors

Can I re-take a course for the third time?

Campus policy restricts students to two course attempts. If you are attempting to enroll in a class for the third time, you will need to obtain approval from your program chair on an Exception for Course Repeat form and submit to the Registrar's Office.  

I am currently enrolled in a course and I might need to retake next semester. Can I enroll while I am still in the current course?

Yes, students are allow to repeat a course for a second time.

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