A prerequisite is a course or condition (e.g. Junior Standing) that must be met prior to registering for a specific course. Review course descriptions in the University Catalog to determine the prerequisites.

Students can also check prerequisites in CI Records before registering for classes using course validation

Continuing students can begin validating Spring 2023 courses November 1, 2022.

If you are not meeting the prerequisites to enroll in your desired courses but feel you have met them through transfer course work, below are possible solutions:

Prerequisite Course is:What To Do:What To Expect:
Articulated in Assist but is not reflected in your Transfer Credit ReportEmail the transfer course information (including college where the course was taken) and CSUCI course information to registrar@csuci.edu for a transfer credit update.If a course is articulated, an evaluator should be able to update your transfer credit within a few days.
Not articulated but course descriptions are the same or very similar as the CSUCI courseEmail the transfer course information (including college where the course was taken), course description, and CSUCI course information to registrar@csuci.edu for course review and possible transfer credit update.An evaluator will review the course descriptions to determine if a course equivalency can be made. If so, your transfer credit will be updated. If not, you will be notified that the course descriptions are not similar enough to place a course equivalency and may be advised to pursue a course substitution (see below). Please allow 3-5 business days for a reply.
Not articulated and course descriptions are not the same or very similar, but the course is similar enough that you feel the course should meet the pre-requisite.You may pursue a course substitution with your faculty advisor as Registrar’s Office evaluators will not be able to update your transfer credit. View our Course Substitution Procedures webpage for full directions.If your faculty approves, they will submit an electronic advising request to the Registrar’s Office. Evaluators will process the request within 1-2 weeks. Please keep in mind the timeframe is contingent upon when faculty submit the substitution.

*Please always email from your university email address and include your student ID number.

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