Are you interested in getting involved on campus?

Do you have an interest in wellness and health-related issues?

Do you want to learn how to be a campus leader and role model?

Then the CI Wellness Peer Education Program is for you!

Apply for the Wellness Peer Educator Program

Wellness Peer Educators are part of a team of campus leaders that are committed to the health and wellness of the CI campus community. Wellness Peer Educators are trained and charged to effectively engage and educate the campus community on a variety of topics which include:

  • alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
  • sexual and reproductive health
  • sexual misconduct
  • stress management
  • sleep hygiene
  • nutrition
  • physical activity
  • eating disorders and body image

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CI Wellness Peer Educators are trained using the NASPA BACCHUS Initiatives Certified Peer Educator (CPE) training. The CPE training provides students with the following knowledge and skills needed to be an effective peer educator:

  • Understand the basics of prevention
  • Become a caring helper
  • Provide awareness of health and safety issues
  • Identify at-risk students and refer them to appropriate campus resources
  • Plan and implement educational programs and events
  • Increase their leadership abilities
  • Increase awareness of personal wellness
  • Teach team building

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"I think to be a Wellness Peer Educator it is essential to be passionate about educating others, open to collaborating with others, and just overall an interest in always learning." - Cari Canales, Peer Educator

"I joined because I was unaware of many resources available to me as a student, and when WPE showed me just how much help there is out there for CI students, I wanted to promote this information to the community as much as possible." - Fernando Castaneda, Peer Educator

"The most rewarding aspect of my job is learning about wellness topics and organizing outreach events with my fellow Peers about such topics. I also really enjoy the outreach presentations we create and present in order to educate our fellow peers by providing awareness about their overall health."                - Catherine Urbina, Peer Educator

"The program has enabled me to develop skills in event planning, public speaking, professionalism, and much more, which I can take with me to other work places and areas of education." - Naveena Rai, Peer Educator

For more information about the Wellness Peer Educator program please contact us at 805-437-3521 or