Wellness Promotion & Education (WPE) is a program in the area of Campus Life. WPE is committed to creating a campus culture focused on improved wellness for all students, faculty, and staff. Our philosophy is to take a holistic approach to wellness with an understanding that a “well” student has a greater capacity to be a successful student. Further, a successful student will likely continue personal success once they graduate. WPE encourage health and wellness promotion through many strategies, including prevention. Prevention, in terms of health, is often defined by the utilization of 3 types: primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary intervention aims to reduce the onset of disease prior to exposure. Secondary prevention concerns detecting disease at its earliest stages or when exposure has been minimal. Tertiary prevention is designed to prevent progress of an existing disease and control for further negative consequences, such as with rehabilitation. WPE utilizes strategies that mainly focus on areas within primary and secondary prevention.

WPE works toward achieving this by conducting assessments of student health habits, behaviors, needs, and perceptions in order to focus our educational programs that will have a significant impact on student learning and success. Upon request, we provide educational workshops on a variety of health topics, sponsor awareness campaigns, and provide opportunities for students interested in health and wellness to get involved. Interested students have the opportunity to learn and teach wellness topics by becoming involved in our Wellness Peer Educator Program.

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