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Wellness Promotion and Education (WPE) is connecting with students both in-person and virtually! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for tips, videos, livestreams, and more. Meet one-on-one with a peer educator for a virtual or in-person SMART Goals appointment.

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  • 3rd Millennium®. Under “Find Course Control Number”, enter the code for the training of interest:
    • Alcohol-Wise: CSCIAW
    • Consent & Respect: CSCICR
    • Nicotine 101: CSCINC
    • Marijuana-Wise: CSCIMW
    • Other Drugs: CSCICOD

Monthly Newsletters (Academic Year 21-22)

Wellness Workbooks

Campus Resources

Check out our campus partners for more support from CSUCI.

Community Resources

Resources by topic area:

Alcohol, Tobacco, Vaping, and Other Drugs

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Body Image

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Health Care

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Health Insurance

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LBGTQIA Resources

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Mental Health

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Nutrition and Fitness

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Sexual and Reproductive Health

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Suicide Prevention

*if this is a life-threatening emergency, please call 911*

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Additional Resources

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