Dolphin Scavenger Hunt

CI Alumni, students, and friends competed in our Instagram Hunt! They got into the CI spirit with a scavenger hunt that tested how much they know about our campus and Channel Islands traditions.

The 2013 #CIHUNT was a huge success! You can still:


Team standings

Congratulations to team #wecantstopwontstop for finishing in first place. Here are the final team tallies, along with their team members names.


#WeCantStopWontStop- 66 points

  • Chantyl Vasquez
  • Jamie Elmer


#Day- 59 points

  • Yosemite Olivo
  • Ashley Walters
  • David Seery


#TheDynamicDup- 36 points

  • Rachael Ellison
  • Sara Parker


#TeamSherfield- 29 points

  • Alenandra Goodman
  • Justin Sherfield
  • Jamie Guise


#TheAvengers- 20 points

  • Chelsea Narajos
  • Nayelli Baltazar
  • Bridget Quintanilla
  • Samantha Ballinger


#RedLadies- 8 points

  • Jasmine Salgado
  • Stephanie Mendoza
  • Cindy Flores
  • Stephany Rodriguez


#EkhosAngels- 4 points

  • Kira West
  • Sam Albert


#CIBeagles- 1 point

  • Angie Garelick
  • Kevin Herbst