Be Mindful Of Your Key Internship Goals

You decided to pursue an internship for a reason-probably several of them- but now is a good time to clarify them, so that you can remain mindful of what you’re trying to do throughout your entire internship experience.

Here are some key goals you might have for your internship:

It is one thing to read about a particular career, or even talk to someone working in that career. It is quite another to live it for yourself, even for a short time.

As your internship begins and throughout the experience itself, be sure to remember: One of its main purposes is to help you understand what a career field (or at least one particular organization in that career field) is really like.

Things to Know Before Starting Your Internship

Do you know the role of your employer supervisor? It’s ok if you don’t. Read through our helpful tips:

Know your Resources

CSUCI has many resources for you while you navigate your internship. Be sure to check in with the Career Studio, 805-437-3270 or, if you have any questions about your internship. Or check in with your major chair or academic adviser. Your Dolphin Pod is here for you!

Additional Online Resources:

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