How do I schedule a meeting with my DASS counselor?

To schedule a meeting, please email your counselor and let him/her know 2-3 times you are available. All meetings will be done via zoom.

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Do I need to schedule exams with DASS for extended time for online exams?

No, you do not need to schedule exams with DASS in order to get extended time. Your professors should automatically add your extended time to all online exams.

What do I do if my professor does not extend the time on my online exam?

You can email your professor to remind him/her that you have an accommodation of extended time on exams and ask the professor to extend the time. If you do not get a response from the professor, please contact DASS as soon as possible by emailing

Will I still get note taking services?

Yes, note taking services will still be available.

  • If you are using Note Taking Express (NTE), you will continue to record your lectures and upload them to the NTE website. You can use your phone or recorder and just put it by your computer speaker to record the lecture. You can also use your computer’s internal recording program to record the lecture.
  • If you have a science, math, or similar class where you get in-person notes, we have arranged for you to continue to get those notes. They will be uploaded to the DASS online system the same as before.

Will I still get priority registration for Fall 2020?

Yes, priority registration will open April 20, 2020. Watch your CI email for the Academic Advising email that provides you with the date and time slot of your registration.

How can I get tutoring if I am not on campus?

Tutoring centers will continue to provide virtual tutoring starting March 30, 2020. You can request online tutoring support for each of the tutoring services by going to their web page:

How do I get technical support for my virtual classes?

Go to the Solutions Center web page for information on how to receive technical support:

How do I get housing accommodations for Fall 2020?

The housing accommodation application for Fall 2020 will be open on March 25, 2020.


Fall 2020 semester:

Returning residents: through April 20, 2020

New residents: through June 8, 2020

To receive housing accommodations, you must complete our housing accommodations application PLUS the regular housing application. You will also need to provide documentation to verify the need for housing accommodations. Note that documentation for housing accommodations is usually different than the documentation needed for academic accommodations.

You can send documentation by uploading the jpg or PDF file when completing the application, or by emailing it to Due to our virtual work environment we are not currently accepting any faxed documentation.

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