Students work with a WMC tutor: in person or virtually, individually or with a group, and live in real time or asynchronously.  They can make appointments up to two weeks in advance or drop in the WMC to see if any tutor is available.
The following are ways to work with WMC tutors:
  • SUBMIT  Tutoring Appointment Request
    Synchronous is live, real-time tutoring that is conducted in person or virtually.  You can choose to have a 30 minute appointment or one-hour appointment.  Students are limited to one-hour of appointments per week. Please provide up to an hour during business hours to process.  In person tutoring is held in the physical center (watch our Walk thru Broome to WMC video).
  • SUBMIT an Asynchronous VoiceThread Tutoring Request
    Asynchronous tutoring means that you submit your paper or project for tutor feedback (using Voicethread).  You can submit your request any time, any day.  The WMC will make every effort to return tutor feedback within least 72 hours of operational work days. 

    For instance, summer hours are restricted to Mondays to Thursdays, so submissions on Friday may not be processed until Tuesday or Wednesday.  Same rules apply for Winter Intersession.  For more information visit our page detailing Asynchronous Tutoring.

  • EMAIL: 
  • CALL us during in-person hours: 805-437-8934.
    Visit our physical center or Virtual Drop In Room to see if any tutors are available to meet with you during our days/times of our operational hours.  Drop-In tutoring is 30 min long and based on availability.  Students can visit drop-in tutors for 30 minutes every day.  Please review our hours.

Nervous about making an appointment? Hear from CSUCI students about overcoming anxiety in coming to the WMC.


Making Online and Oral Presentation Appointments / Graduate Writing

Synchronous Online Tutoring: Students may need to make online writing consultations because they are unable to get to campus at the available business hours. This can be due to work, commute, family, or studying abroad. While we believe face-to-face consultations (in person) provide the best interactions and opportunities for learning, we try to provide online consultations that replicate the tutorial experience students would have at the Center. These online consultations are conducted in real time (synchronous) and live through a video conference and Google Docs.

Asynchronous Voicethread Tutoring:  Students may need to make writing consultants asynchronously because they may want to work with a specific tutor who is unavailable during the times that are convenient for the student.  Asynchronous tutoring may also benefit students who like to be able to watch and rewatch the recording of the tutor walk through the paper or oral assignment on their own time.  It also benefits student groups who may not be able to find time to meet a tutor together.  Whatever the reason, visit our website to learn more.

Oral Appointments: We now also provide support for speeches, pitches, oral slideshow presentations, conference presentations, etc. We recommend two 30min appointments (one hour) for both online and oral presentation appointments.

Graduate Writing Appointments: We provide tutoring support for graduate school students for writing or multi-literacy projects. We also support students applying to graduate schools (personal statement, research statement). To ensure that you get the right tutor to work with your project, make appointments through our online appointment request form.

Send us an appointment request

There are limited slots available for online and oral presentation consultations as well as asynchronous voicethread tutoring.  Please be sure to make your reservations for synchronous appointments at least 1 operational day in advance for best results; for asynchronous tutoring, we require at least 2 operational days.

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