All entering undergraduates who do not demonstrate college- level skills in mathematics are required to enroll in appropriate developmental courses during the first term of enrollment and each subsequent term until such time as they demonstrate competence.

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At CSU Channel Islands, successfully completing developmental math will allow students to enroll in any college level mathematics or statistics course.

Students who do not complete developmental math within their first year will have a hold on registration privileges and may face dismissal from the University.

Developmental Mathematics Courses at CI

Both MATH 94 and MATH 95 are offered on a Credit/No Credit basis only. Units earned in Math 94 and/or Math 95 do NOT count toward a bachelor degree at CI.

Successful completion of Mathematics Remediation allows students to enroll in Math 101, Math 105, Math 108, Math 137, Math 201, and/or Math 202. Always consult with your advisor about the right mathematics class for your program of study.

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Completing Developmental Math through Early Start

CI’s first-year students can participate in an Early Start class offered at CI, at any other CSU campus, at a community college, or online. A full list of options can be found on the CSU Early Start website.

Any Early Start course taken at another CSU may satisfy one or two semesters of the Mathematics Remediation requirement. This can be found on the CSU Early Start website and will be listed in the course description stating that successful completion of the Early Start Math will satisfy the Remediation requirement.

The student will need to provide proof of a passing grade in the Early Start course taken.

Early Start courses taken at CI during the preceding summer will not meet the Remedial Mathematics requirement. MATHES 04 and MATHES 05 at CI are not the equivalent of MATH 94 and MATH 95.

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Completing Developmental Math at the Community College

Students may complete the Developmental Mathematics requirement at any California Community College. The course taken must be an approved course that is eligible to meet the Developmental Math requirement. Please follow the link below for a list of approved courses that can be used to meet the Developmental Mathematics requirement.

Completion of Remediation at California Community Colleges (PDF)

Please note that the course must be passed with a “C” or better in order for it to meet the math requirement. The student must also submit an official transcript from the community college.

If the student completes a course that is not on the list of approved courses, he/she must submit a Petition for Exception form requesting to have the course meet the math requirement. The Petition for Exception will be reviewed by the Developmental Mathematics Coordinator and the Records and Registration office.

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Extensions Beyond the One-Year Time Limit

Students must complete the Developmental Mathematics requirement by the end of their second semester of attendance. If a student exceeds the two semesters allotted he/she may request an additional semester (Contract) and subsequently a final semester (Appeal) extension. Please note, the contract and appeal semester extensions are not guaranteed.

Please review the timeline below:

Contract Term (one semester extension): Student may complete the Student Remediation Contract requesting a one semester extension. All submitted Student Remediation Contracts are not guaranteed approval.

Student Remediation Contract

Student is restricted from any future enrollment until a grade has posted for the remedial course. If the course(s) is not passed successfully the student will then need to submit a Remediation Appeal form.

Appeal Term (final extension): Student must complete and submit the Remediation Appeal form to request an additional semester to complete the remedial requirement. All submitted Remediation Appeal requests are not guaranteed approval.

Remediation Appeals Form

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Failure to Complete Developmental Math

Failure to complete the Developmental Mathematics requirement by the end of the Remediation Appeal will cause the student to be discontinued from CSU Channel Islands. The student may not continue enrollment as an undergraduate student. Returning as an Upper Division Transfer by reapplying to the University is the only option.

Please follow the link below in order to view the Admission requirements for transfer students.

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Questions regarding Mathematics courses – please contact Dr. Jorge Garcia at

Questions regarding the Math requirement - please contact Melissa Silva at

Enrollment Center
Sage Hall, Room 1020
(805) 437-8500

Advising Center
Bell Tower, Room 1595
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