CSU Channel Islands welcomes applications from transfer students. A student is considered a transfer student if they have enrolled at a community college/university. Typically, CSU Channel Islands accepts upper division transfer students, who have completed a minimum of 60 or more semester transferable units or 90 or more quarter units. These students are admitted in both the fall and spring semesters with the exception of Nursing majors, which are only admitted in the fall.

Fall 2021 application filing period is October 1-December 4, 2020 by 11:59 PM PDT.

CSUCI offers only one stateside second-baccalaureate degree program, which is in Nursing. When applying to this program (fall enrollment, only) students will select “BSN-Nursing (2nd Bachelor). Refer to go.csuci.edu/NursingTrack1 for details.

CSU Channel Islands also offers bachelor's degree and second baccalaureate degrees through Extended University in the areas of Business, Psychology, and Nursing for those who meet qualifications. Student fees fund this program, so costs will be higher than with state-supported (“stateside”) programs. Please visit go.csuci.edu/ExtU for details.

CI Campus Preview Days

CI Campus Preview Days

Campus Preview Days provide future freshman and transfer students an opportunity to visit campus and discover more about CI.

Learn more about Campus Preview Days

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