Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) Overview

The Student Transfer Achievement Reform (STAR) Act established a Transfer Associate of Arts (AA-T) or Associate of Science (AS-T) Degree for California Community College (CCC) students and is designed to provide a clear pathway to the CSU degree, also known as Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) at Channel Islands (CI).

Upon CI's receipt of an official transcript from a CCC indicating an awarded AA-T or AS-T, transfer credit will be posted based on articulation agreements found on and students are eligible to graduate in 60 units if the AA-T or AS-T Degree earned was in a subject area deemed similar to the CI major being pursued. Adjustments to the major may be necessary to ensure students can graduate within 60 units.

Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADTs) are different from other associate degrees offered by CCCs. For more information about them, visit and the CSU's ADT webpage.

Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) Specifications

While an awarded AA-T or AS-T guarantees a pathway to graduate within 60 units, students should be aware of the following:

  • Students must apply to and remain in the major similar to their awarded AA-T or AS-T in order to be guaranteed a pathway to graduation within 60 units at CI.
  • If students elect to change majors or add an additional degree objective, such as an option, minor, or second major, they will likely exceed the 60-unit guarantee. If students choose to do this, they may seek help from an academic advisor regarding planning how to incorporate any additional required units/courses.
  • While an awarded AA-T or AS-T does not guarantee that all lower-division major requirements are complete, if they are not they will be incorporated into the remaining 60 units students will take at CI.
  • It is recommended that once students are attending CI that they:
    • review their TMC major requirements in the catalog; students may ensure they're using the correct catalog by confirming their major catalog year at the top of their CI Academic Requirements Report (CARR)
    • review their remaining degree requirements in their CARR
    • plan when to take their remaining courses using their Degree Planner
    • consult with an academic advisor and/or faculty advisor regarding any questions

Similar Majors at Channel Islands

Use the table below to match your AA-T or AS-T completed at a CCC with the similar TMC major at CI.

AA-T / AS-TCI Major
Anthropology AA-TBA Anthropology
Art History AA-T

BA Art: Art History Emphasis

BA Art: Art History Emphasis, Digital Art History Option

BA Art: Art History Emphasis, Enhanced Studio Option

Biology AS-TBA Biology
Business Administration AS-TBS Business
Chemistry AS-T

BA Chemistry

BS Chemistry

BS Chemistry, Biochemistry Option

Child & Adolescent Development AA-TBA Psychology
Communication Studies AA-T

BA Communication, Environmental Communication Emphasis

BA Communication, Health Communication Emphasis

BA Communication, Organizational Communication Emphasis

Computer Science AS-TBS Computer Science
Early Childhood Education AS-TBA Early Childhood Studies
Economics AA-T

BA Economics

BA Economics, International Option

BA Economics, Managerial Option

English AA-T

BA English

BA English, Creative Writing Option

BA English, English Education Option

BA English, Multicultural Literature Option

Environmental Science AS-T

BS Environmental Science & Resource Management, Earth Systems Emphasis*

BS Environmental Science & Resource Management, Marine and Coastal Systems Emphasis*

Global Studies AA-TBA Global Studies
History AA-TBA History
Elementary Teacher Education AA-TBA Liberal Studies, Teaching & Learning Emphasis**
Mathematics AS-TBS Mathematics
Music AA-TBA Performing Arts, Music Emphasis
Physics AS-TBS Applied Physics*
Political Science AA-TBA Political Science
Psychology AA-TBA Psychology
Public Health Science AS-TBS Health Science
Social Justice Studies AA-TBA Chicana/o Studies
Sociology AA-TBA Sociology
Spanish AA-TBA Chicana/o Studies or BA Spanish
Studio Arts AA-TBA Art: Art Studio Emphasis
Theatre Arts AA-TBA Performing Arts, Theatre Emphasis

* These majors will be newly similar to their corresponding AS-Ts as of fall 2020.

** This major will no longer be similar to the Elementary Teacher Education AA-T as of fall 2020.

Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) Major Forms

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