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Career Support

The Alumni & Friends Association knows transitioning from the classroom and into the workforce can be a difficult one.  To assist you with this transition, the Alumni & Friends provides the following career services:

Alumni Mentorship Program

The Alumni Mentorship Program pairs recent graduates with professionals in their field for one-on-one mentorship and advice.  This mentorship can take place in person with our annual Mentorship Event in December or can happen on-going throughout the year.  This is your opportunity to build an advocate for you in the community and to learn more about your future career.  Sign up for the Mentorship Program.  If you are a professional interested in becoming a mentor, Sign up to become a Mentor.

Networking Events

The Alumni & Friends Association recognizing the importance of developing networking skills.   If you are interested in building your contacts feeling more comfortable networking, we will take you with us to various community events.  Sign up for a Networking Event

CI/Chamber Career Partnership

In partnership with the Camarillo Chamber, the Alumni & Friends Association is arranging direct links between the hundreds of businesses and CI to meet their hiring needs.  This connection will provide additional avenues to local job opportunities.  This program is in development and will be launched this year.

Alumni Jobs Database 

Visit the alumni job database. Looking for job postings locally that you won’t find anywhere else?  Check out the Career Services Dolphin Link.  Visit this page often for career prospects.

Continued Free Access to Student Career Services

You used these services as a student, so take advantage of using them again as alumni.  Career Services on campus provides you many sessions on resume writing, interviewing techniques, career fairs and much more. Visit Career Development for details.

Career Advisement

The Alumni & Friends is here to provide support and discuss with you your future career needs.  Feel free to call us for one-on-one advising.  We can help you with determining your career path, help you take the next steps towards reaching your dream career or can offer referral services for other issues affecting your career search.  Please contact us today to arrange an appointment at (805) 437-8952 or