Dolphin CareerLink 

Start here for your job/internship search!  One stop shop for jobs/internships including 500+ positions (e.g., on-campus, part-time, and full-time positions). 

Additional Online Job/Internship Databases

Review a comprehensive list of job/internship databases to expand your job search.

Internship Guidelines

Information, resources and guidelines to help students navigate the internship process.

Jump Start Your Career

A step-by-step guide that assists CI students through the stages of goal setting, career planning and professional development.

Workplace Harassment Resources 

Any student intern or student assistant with questions or concerns about personally experiencing or witnessing an instance of possible discrimination or harassment in their workplace environment or an instance of a site’s refusal to provide reasonable accommodation to an individual with a disability should contact Jean Estevez, Interim Title IX Inclusion Officer, at, or 805-437-2077, or Lindero Hall 1836.

Diversity Resources