During Your First Few Weeks and Months

Purchase a Parking Permit

If you’ll be parking a car on campus, you’ll need a parking permit. To obtain a pre-tax advantage on your parking permit, visit the University Police Department’s Parking Services Office and submit a Payroll Authorization Form to purchase a parking permit through payroll deduction. Parking Services will need your Employee Verification Status Form that you received on your first day in Human Resources. Please note that you may have to pay for your first month of parking, before you can be placed on payroll deduction.

Obtain Your DolphinOne ID Card

1-2 business days after you have completed your sign-in, please visit Student Business Services, located in Sage Hall in Enrollment Services, to obtain your Dolphin photo ID card. This card will provide you access to Pharos Copiers, receive library privileges and purchase Dolphin Cash or Dining Cash to use at specified on campus establishments.

Complete your Required Training

There is some training required of all new employees and some that is specific to particular positions/functions. Your supervisor will discuss your required training on your first day. Some of the training needs to be taken just once, some is renewed on a given cycle. You may receive email notification from various departments on campus regarding required training.

Most required compliance related training is provided by CSU Systemwide Professional Development and accessed via your myCI dashboard. Just click on the Faculty and Staff (green) icon, go to the Staff & Faculty Links section on the right side of the dashboard and choose the SkillPort Training link and choose “My Plan”. These trainings should be completed during work hours. Please feel free to access the "Catalog" tab for other training opportunities.

Attend New Employee Orientation

The New Employee Orientation (NEO) is a 2 half day event designed to introduce new employees to CSU Channel Islands. All staff and management are automatically enrolled in a NEO based on their hire date and are expected to attend. This generally occurs within your first 6 months of employment. You will receive an invitation to attend from Human Resources via email.

Familiarize Yourself with your Resources

Consider the following training and resources to get you ‘up and running’ as soon as possible.


myCI is used by staff, faculty, students and alumni to exchange email, schedule meetings, chat, and create and share documents online (through CI Docs – powered by Google Docs) . Resources are available through the IT website. The myCI page is your portal to the campus intranet and where you’ll find out about Campus News & Events and participate in various e-groups on campus, including the Faculty & Staff group where many important notices are posted.


The CSYou website of the Chancellor’s Office is your portal to information and resources for employees of the California State University. Click on the CSYou link in your myCI account, or enter via www.csyou.calstate.edu and explore! Click on “Training and Development” and see what training is available there.

Technology Training

Video tutorials on a variety of computer applications are available through Atomic Learning from your myCI page. There are also several on-campus technology workshops offered through Technology and Communications (ITS)

Familiarize Yourself with the Campus

It will be helpful to familiarize yourself with the campus physically. We encourage you to take a campus tour within your first 30 days of employment. If you don’t have time to take the tour, check out the video tour.

You will learn the majority of our business information is available electronically, so taking time to familiarize yourself with the CSU Channel Islands website will be helpful. You may want to save some of these pages as a "Favorite " for future reference or just use the "Search" feature on the CSU Channel Islands home page.