Please Note - Open University enrollment is managed through the Extended University office. If you have questions regarding their processes to add or drop courses, you may email them at

Advance Registration

Advance registration occurs in CI Records via the myCI portal.  During advance registration, students are assigned an enrollment appointment date and time.  Students are notified via email when enrollment appointments have been established for an upcoming term.  Check CI Records to ensure that you have no holds that will prevent registration.

Enrollment appointments are assigned according to class level at the time appointments are established, typically three weeks before continuing student registration and one to three weeks before new student registration.  Class level (e.g. postbaccalaureate, senior, junior, sophomore, or freshman) is determined by total units earned, which does not include in progress course work.  Students that receive priority registration opportunities include disabled students, foster youth, graduating seniors, and others as determined by University policy and procedure.  More information can be found on the Enrollment Appointment Distribution page.

Add/Drop Period (Weeks 1-3)

Instructor consent is required to enroll during the first three weeks of the semester. You will use an instructor issued permission number to enroll in CI Records.  Check your Student Center via the myCI portal to ensure that you have no holds that will prevent registration.  Additional tuition & fees are due immediately.  Be sure to verify your Financial Aid status and account balance.

You may drop classes in CI Records without permission during this time.  However, you are cautioned to verify any adjustments to Financial Aid and your account balance.

Week 3 deadline by term:

Spring 2023: Friday, February 10th by 12 Noon

Changing Grading Basis

For classes offered as "Student Option" you can choose to take the course for a letter grade, or CR/NC.  

Weeks 1-3: 
You can update the grading basis online via myCI - CI Records.  Instructor approval is not required.

Weeks 4-8:
Submit a petition for exception to the Registrar's Office.  Instructor approval is not required.

Weeks 4 through End of Term

Adding a course is not permitted after the third week of the semester, per campus policy.  Exceptions may be made only in cases of extenuating circumstances outside of the student’s control and when the student has been attending the course and is current with all coursework.  The student should typically provide documentation as to the extenuating circumstance (e.g. dated emails to demonstrate a timeline) and obtain approval from the instructor and program chair (of the subject of the course).  Students can submit a Late Add Petition via Adobe Sign.  

Students wishing to withdraw from an individual class must submit an online Course Withdrawal request.
(Course Withdrawal Guide)

Students wishing to withdraw from all courses must complete a Term Withdrawal Request Form (PDF, 192KB), including instructor and program chair signatures, and email both the form and supporting documentation to  Students have until 10 business days after the end of the term to request a term withdrawal.  See the Withdrawal Procedures webpage for additional information.

Course or term withdrawals are allowed for serious and compelling reasons only, such as illness, accident, death in the family, financial hardship, or military duty.  Reasons that are not considered serious and compelling include course workload, neglecting to drop during the first three weeks, or failing an assignment.

Supporting documentation is expected to accompany any request for withdrawal.  Approved requests will be noted as a "W" on the transcript.

Course Withdrawal Deadline:

Spring 2023: Friday, April 21, 2023 by 5PM

Term Withdrawal Deadline:

Spring 2023: Monday, June 5, 2023 by 5PM
Forms must be submitted with all required instructor and chair signatures, as well as required supporting  documentation.  Any incomplete requests will not be processed.  Please reach out to the Registrar's office if you need support obtaining signatures. 

Consider These Before Dropping or Withdrawing

  • Do you know there is support and resources available to help you stay in school?
    Meet up with Care staff using this link:
  • Reach out to your instructor to discuss your circumstances and options for course completion.
  • Contact Academic Advising to schedule an appointment or drop-in with Express Advising via Zoom.
  • Financial Aid recipients should contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships office at 805-437-8530 to determine any financial impacts.
  • Continuing students in good academic standing that wish to take more than two semesters off should submit a Request for Academic Leave (PDF, 58KB) to the Registrar's Office.
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