1.  Include the following paragraphs in the course syllabus   (cut and paste directly from this webpage):

  Writing and Multiliteracy Center (WMC):  
Location:  Broome Library, 2nd Floor, Room 2675
M-Th 9-8pm
Fri  10-2pm
Sun 2-6pm

The Writing and Multiliteracy Center (WMC) provides all CI students with FREE support services and programs that help them become more effective writers and communicators.  Peer  consultants help students at any stage of the composition process in any discipline for writing or speaking (such as slideshow presentations).  Students are also welcome to bring in other types of non-academic work such as resumes, letters of application, and personal statements.  Our online writing consultants will also work with students if they don’t live on campus or if they have trouble physically getting to our Center.  Our tutors can also help those who want to talk about or wish to learn new skills in speaking in academic contexts, whether it's oral presentations, in-class discussions, or talking with professors during office hours.  Student can drop in for a 30 min tutorial session.  They can also make an appointment in advance by visiting us at http://www.csuci.edu/wmc, going directly to the Center, or calling 805-437-8934.

2. Invite a consultant to talk to the class.

  Consultants will make a five-minute presentation introducing the center and leave information with your students. Please fill out our Pitch/Workshop Request form to arrange a visit.  
 If consultants are not available, you can play a WMC pitch video.  Our short video (1m24s) about the Writing & Multiliteracy Center.  The video relates where we are, what type of tutoring services we provide, how to make appointments, and hours.

3.  Bring your class to the Writing and Multiliteracy Center so that they get to see the space and know the location.  

This could be coordinated with a tour of the library or a library workshop.   

4.  Actively encourage all students in the class to visit the Center.

  Students are more likely to visit the Center when they hear their professor or instructor stress the value of getting feedback and using resources like the WMC.  Faculty might talk about the Center during the first week of classes, but they should also remind students before major papers and assignments.  Timing the reminders help students to plan their appointment with the Center.  Appointments can be made up to two weeks in advance.