The Center serves more than students. We serve the faculty.

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While the Writing and Multiliteracy Center provides writing and communication consultations for students and staff, we also support faculty by providing:

  • Faculty consultations to support course assignment design, curricula design as it relates to helping students improve writing, communicating, or visualizing information and arguments. WMC faculty consultations can also to support faculty with professional presentations and academic articles. For consultations please email Faculty Director, Dr. Sohui Lee.
  • Workshops to fit the needs of the course and instructor;
  • Tips for how to encourage students to come to the WMC; and
  • Online and print resources for writing and communication.
  • General WMC Module for your course canvas: provide easy access to recorded tutor pitches, WMC hours, links to making appointments, and more!
    WMC general module
For faculty teaching writing intensive first-year courses:
For faculty teaching writing-intensive and/or communication-intensive courses; STEM courses:

Consultations and Custom Workshops for Faculty

Consultations and Custom Workshops for Faculty

Faculty consultations help instructors and professors identify challenges and problems students face when working on written, oral, or visual/multimedia assignments or activities in a course. Consultations aim to provide concrete strategies or share tools and material for improving students' learning experience. Topics may include rubrics for evaluating writing or oral presentations, timing assignments, providing guidelines for peer review, recording oral presentations, scaffolding assignments, using techniques for effective commenting and feedback, reviewing syllabi or assignments, teaching creative thinking, exploring in-class composition activities, and more.

Consultations with faculty are helpful before custom workshops are provided. To make an appointment for a faculty consultation or workshop, please email Dr. Sohui Lee (

5-min Pitches and Workshops for Faculty

5-min Pitches and Workshops for Faculty

The Center provides pitches of the Center's services. We also provide writing workshops and multiliteracy workshops led by peer writing tutors, Multiliteracy Specialists, and the Faculty Director. Please visit our workshop page for details and to request a workshop for your class.

Four Ways to Encourage Students to Visit Us

Students are more likely to use our consultations services when instructors and professors encourage them. Here are four easy tips for how faculty can encourage students to visit the Center.

You can also show students our short video (1m24s) about the Writing & Multiliteracy Center. The video relates where we are, what type of tutoring services we provide, how to make appointments, and hours.

Embedded Multiliteracy Tutors

Embedded Multiliteracy Tutors (EMTs) are WMC tutors who are assigned to work closely with students in a specified course (usually upper-division, writing intensive and/or communication intensive course. For more information, please visit our EMT page for details.

ChatGPT and Generative AI Writing in the Classroom

WMC AI writing workshop
ChatGPT and Generative AI in WMC tutoring sessions:
1. ChatGPT or other generative AI will only be used in tutoring session at student's request
2. If AI requested, tutors will ask if student can share course policy or syllabus statement on AI
3. If AI requested, tutors will inform student that a Tutorial Visit Form will be sent to faculty
4. If AI used in tutoring session, the Tutorial Visit Form will detail how AI was used in the session

Online Resources

We curate writing and communication resources that might faculty apply writing and communication activities and assignments for learning as well as work with students who are producing these assignments. Rescues include links for student writing at CI, writing across the curriculum, how to provide effective conferences with students about writing, and avoiding plagiarism. Learn more about online resources.

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