Location / WMC Front Desk

John Spoor Broome Library, Room 2675*
*This is next to the second floor bridge going towards the Town Center

Mailing address:
Writing & Multiliteracy Center
John Spoor Broome Library
California State University Channel Islands
One University Drive
Camarillo, CA 93012-8599

For appointment requests and questions, call the WMC front desk or email:


Faculty and Administrative Staff

  • Dr. Sohui Lee

    Faculty Director and Associate Professor
    Writing & Multiliteracy Center

    Oversees all WMC programs; Manages and Assesses WMC initiatives, Oversees tutor education; Oversees WMC operations; Writes grants; Provides faculty consultations.

    Tel: 805-437-2057
    Office: Broome 1573


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  • Dr. Abigail Michelini

    Assistant Director and Lecturer
    Writing & Multiliteracy Center

    Provides leadership, tutor education; Manages daily operations; Leads workshops; Coordinates and designs EMT program; Oversees Open Mic programming

    Tel: 805-437-3290
    Office: Broome 2675

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  • Marisa Ortega

    Administrative Support Coordinator
    Writing & Multiliteracy Center

    Oversees SA scheduling; TutorTrac reservations; Provides onboarding of all WMC employees, Tracks budget and funding, purchase and requisitions; Provides event planning.

    Tel: 805-437-8934
    Office: Broome 2675

  • Dr. Russ Carpenter

    Academic Lead, STEM Writing Initiative

    Provide faculty consultations on writing in STEM fields; Leads STEM writing workshops; Develops STEM writing material and resources

    WMC's STEM Writing Initiative is part of CI's Project AYUDAS, funded by US Dept of Education's HSI Grant.

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  • Shay Liess

    EMT Tutor Education Lead (Embedded Tutoring Initiative),
    Writing & Multiliteracy Center

    Provides support of EMT tutor education; Leads workshops; Monitors WMC Writing Boot Camps.

    Tel: 805-437-3290
    Office: Broome 2675

    Embedded Tutoring Initiative is donor funded to support first year writing.

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  • Dr. Scott DeLoach

    First Year EMT Coordinator,
    FYC-EMT Faculty Development Lead (Embedded Tutoring Initiative),
    Writing & Multiliteracy Center

    Helps coordinate First Year Embedded Multiliteracy Tutor (EMT) program; Supports Faculty Development for FYC faculty incorporating embedded tutoring (Embedded Tutoring Initiative)

    Tel: Office: 805-437-8931
    Broome 2675

    Embedded Tutoring Initiative is donor funded to support first year writing.

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  • Cristal Gamez

    Student Outreach and Engagement Lead (Embedded Tutoring Initiative)

    Supports student outreach coordination; Develops workshops and materials for first year writing

    Embedded Tutoring Initiative is donor funded to support first year writing.

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