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Considerations during Registration

Enrollment Limits:

Undergraduate students in good academic standing may enroll in up to 18 units. Students who wish to enroll in more than 18 units must obtain approval from the chair or faculty advisor in the student’s declared major, or by an academic advisor if undeclared. Undergraduate students on academic probation may enroll in up to 14 units. Students on academic probation who wish to enroll in more than 14 units are required to have an academic advisor or chair’s written approval. Approval can be obtained on an Additional Unit Authorization, or your advisor/chair can submit an Advisor Request through CI Records.

Pre-requisites and Co-requisites:

When adding classes, review the course description and enrollment requirements to determine if your request meets the pre-requisite or co-requisite requirements. Pre-requisites must be met prior to registration. Co-requisites must be included in the same request in order to satisfy the requirement.

Common Prerequisite Errors

Time Conflicts:

If you are attempting to enroll in two courses that conflict in time, you will need to obtain authorization from both instructors on a Time Conflict form. Students must enroll themselves in one of the classes via myCI and submit the Time Conflict form to Registrar’s Office to get enrolled in the conflicting section.

Reserved Seats (Reserve Capacity):

Reserved seats, also known as reserve capacity, is a functionality that can save a certain number of seats for a specific group of students.  This registration feature helps students enroll in classes they need for their program and stay on track with their academic goals.  During registration, students selecting a class with reserved seats will need to meet additional criteria when all the remaining seats are reserved.  If the student meets the criteria, they can register for the reserved seats.  If they do not meet the criteria, they can join the waitlist for the class. 


When a class is full, students may request to wait list during the advance registration period. If a seat becomes available, you will be automatically enrolled. Students will not be enrolled in a waitlisted class if enrolled in another section of the same class. Be sure to check your Student Center frequently to check the status of any waitlisted classes. Waitlisting is ‘turned off’ at the end of the advance registration period. When the semester begins, students remaining on a wait list will not become enrolled from the wait list and instructors are not required to enroll students who remain on the wait list.


Some courses, such as independent study, internships, thesis, capstones, and other courses designated by the department may require the consent of the instructor or the department to enroll. Review the enrollment requirements of the course to determine the procedure for approving your request. You will likely need to make contact with the instructor or department to get permission to enroll.

Repeating a course:

Undergraduate students may repeat a maximum of 28 units; of which, up to a total of 16 units may be repeated for grade forgiveness. Undergraduate students may repeat an individual course for grade forgiveness only once. Students may be prevented from enrolling in cases such as:

  • A student may be prevented from re-enrolling in a course if the earlier attempt resulted in a grade of C or better.
  • A student may be prevented from enrolling in a course that they have attempted 2 previous times and failed to receive a grade of C or better. Students may petition to enroll in an individual course for a third time, however, program chair approval is required on an Exception to Course Repeat Policy petition. It is recommended that students seek advice from their major advisor prior to submitting a repeat petition.
  • A student may be prevented from enrolling in a course that would result in them being in excess of 28 units.

NOTE: Grade forgiveness is only applicable to courses taken and repeated at CSU Channel Islands. If you plan to retake a course at another school, the grades may be averaged. Please direct any questions about grade forgiveness to


If you have a grade of Incomplete in a class, you may not re-enroll in the course. Coordinate with your instructor or department that granted the grade of Incomplete to determine the requirements to receive a grade for the class.

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