Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) Overview

The Student Transfer Achievement Reform (STAR) Act established a Transfer Associate of Arts (AA-T) or Associate of Science (AS-T) Degree for California Community College students and is designed to provide a clear pathway to the CSU degree, also known as Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) at Channel Islands (CI).

Upon receipt of an official transcript indicating an awarded AA-T or AS-T, transfer credit will be posted based on current articulation agreements and students are eligible to graduate in 60 units if the AA-T or AS-T Degree earned was in a subject area deemed similar to the CI major being pursued. Adjustments to the major may be necessary to ensure students can graduate within 60 units.

Please Note: Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADTs) are different from other Associate degrees offered by California Community Colleges. Review the A Degree With a Guarantee website for general information on the program.

Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) Limitations

  • Students must apply to and remain in the major corresponding to their awarded AA-T or AS-T in order to be guaranteed a pathway to graduation within 60 units at CI.
  • The 60 unit graduation pathway will not be possible if a student elects to change majors or add additional degree objectives, such as second majors, minors, or options.
  • An awarded AA-T or AS-T does not guarantee that all lower-division major requirements are complete; it guarantees a pathway to graduate within 60 units, which may include some lower-division major courses. It is recommended that once students are attending CI that they:
    • review their TMC major requirements in the catalog; students may ensure they're using the correct catalog by confirming their major catalog year at the top of their CI Academic Requirements Report (CARR)
    • review their remaining degree requirements in their CARR
    • consult with a major advisor regarding any questions.

Corresponding Majors at Channel Islands

Use the table below to match your AA-T or AS-T completed at a California Community College with the corresponding TMC major at CI.

AA-T / AS-TCI Major
Anthropology AA-TBA Anthropology
Art History AA-T

BA Art: Art History Emphasis

BA Art: Art History Emphasis, Digital Art History Option

BA Art: Art History Emphasis, Enhanced Studio Option

Biology AS-TBA Biology
Business Administration AS-TBS Business
Chemistry AS-T

BA Chemistry

BS Chemistry

BS Chemistry, Biochemistry Option

Child & Adolescent Development AA-TBA Psychology
Communication Studies AA-T

BA Communication, Environmental Communication Emphasis

BA Communication, Health Communication Emphasis

BA Communication, Organizational Communication Emphasis

Computer Science AS-TBS Computer Science
Early Childhood Education AS-TBA Early Childhood Studies
Economics AA-T

BA Economics

BA Economics, International Option

BA Economics, Managerial Option

English AA-T

BA English

BA English, Creative Writing Option

BA English, English Education Option

BA English, Multicultural Literature Option

Environmental Science AS-T

BS Environmental Science & Resource Management, Earth Systems Emphasis*

BS Environmental Science & Resource Management, Marine and Coastal Systems Emphasis*

Global Studies AA-TBA Global Studies
History AA-TBA History
Elementary Teacher Education AA-TBA Liberal Studies, Teaching & Learning Emphasis**
Mathematics AS-TBS Mathematics
Music AA-TBA Performing Arts, Music Emphasis
Physics AS-TBS Applied Physics*
Political Science AA-TBA Political Science
Psychology AA-TBA Psychology
Public Health Science AS-TBS Health Science
Social Justice Studies AA-TBA Chicana/o Studies
Sociology AA-TBA Sociology
Spanish AA-TBA Chicana/o Studies or BA Spanish
Studio Arts AA-TBA Art: Art Studio Emphasis
Theatre Arts AA-TBA Performing Arts, Theatre Emphasis

* These majors will be newly similar to their corresponding AS-Ts as of fall 2020.

** This major will no longer be similar to the Elementary Teacher Education AA-T as of fall 2020.

Transfer Model Curriculum (TMC) Major Forms

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