VillageTypical Occupancy*Typical Bedspace Type* 
Santa Rosa VillageFreshmenPrimarily double occupancy bedroom spaces (about 75%); some triple bedroom spaces (about 25%); single occupancy spaces extremely limited (<1%)
Santa Cruz VillageAll Second-year students & some Upper-division studentsPrimarily double occupancy bedrooms; some triple bedrooms 
Anacapa VillageJuniors, Seniors, Transfers, & International Students Single or double occupancy bedrooms
Town CenterJuniors, Seniors, Transfers, & International Students Primarily double occupancy bedrooms (single occupancy spaces very limited) 

*Please note: Placements above are typical but not guaranteed. Occupancy can vary from the above options based on availability of spaces and date of application. 

For pictures and 360-degree views of our accommodations, view the campus virtual tour

Please also see our License Agreement and/or Resident Handbook for more information. 

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