Meal Plan Video

Meal Plan Video

Overview of Meal Plan

All Housing residents are required to have a meal plan (also known as a board plan, or a residential dining plan). The meal plan consists of a combination of Swipes and Flex Cash. The Swipes and Flex Cash balances are loaded on to your Dolphin ID Card each semester. The number of Swipes and Flex Cash you have depends on the meal plan that you select. There is a minimum required meal plan for each village.  

Swipes & Flex Cash

Swipes are used at Islands Cafe where 1 swipe = 1 meal where students can take their meal to-go or dine-in for all you can eat. The number of swipes you get differs depending on which meal plan you choose (i.e. Basic 160 plan = 160 swipes). The weekly hot entree menu to view the meal plan food options available at the Broome Library Freudian Sip is updated regularly.

Flex Cash is for use at all of the other campus eateries, including the Town Center eateries and the Student Union Building (SUB) eateries. Please note that Mom Wong Kitchen and Tortillas Grill are the Town Center establishments open for the 2020-2021 academic year. Tortillas Grill also sells food items and their website features the full list of items for purchase. The dollar amount differs depending on which meal plan you choose (i.e. Basic 160 plan has $300 flex cash). 

*Note: All of the campus eateries also accept cash and cards. 

Meal Plan Options & Pricing: 

*Note: The average number of meals listed per week is just for your reference; students may use the balance throughout the semester as they desire. 

Students can increase their meal plan at any time, but there is a deadline to decrease the plan (if it is higher than the minimum required plan). Email us for more information. 

Unused Swipes & Flex Cash

Unused flex cash will transfer over from fall to spring semester, and will expire on the last day of spring semester. Unused swipes will expire each semester and do not transfer over. No refunds are provided for unused meal plans so residents are encouraged to use the full value of the meal plan. 

More Information 

For more information on campus dining, please visit University Auxiliary Services

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