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Also check out the “Money Matters” section of our FAQ page for more payment information. 

Financial Tutorials are available on the Student Business Services website

Notice to Residents 

Please note that the Housing application fee and the Housing deposit CANNOT be paid directly on the student account electronically or by sending a check to Student Business Services – these two payments must ALWAYS be made IN the housing application. All future payments are made via the myCI student account. 

On-campus housing is guaranteed to students with completed applications (including deposit payment and/or fee deferral documentation) by the priority application deadline each May. After the deadline, space is offered as available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Priority for room assignment is determined by lottery for all students who meet the priority application deadline. Students applying after  the priority deadline will be placed on a waiting list and will be assigned after all students who met the priority deadline have been accommodated. 

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Room & Board Rates 

Room and meal plan rates differ by village and accommodate type. Please visit our Accommodations & Rates page or the License Agreement for room and meal plan rates specific to each village and accommodation type. 

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Housing Installment Payment Plan (HIPP or IPP) 

Students who have submitted their Student Housing License Agreement and want to pay room and board fees in more than one installment per semester must request a Housing IPP. Housing IPPs are not automatic and must be requested online via the student’s myCI account EACH SEMESTER. This request must be completed prior to 4:45 p.m. on the payment deadline for room and board fees. The HIPP divides the remaining balance due for room and board into the specified number of equal installments (usually 3 in fall semester, 4 in spring). There is a $33 nonrefundable processing fee to use the payment plan. 

For step-by-step directions on how to sign up for the HIPP, please see our how-to sheet (PDF, 465KB) and/or two-minute video tutorial

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View Balance & Make Payments 

You may view your balance my logging into myCI, select "CI Records", select "Student Center", then under the "Finances" section, select "Account Inquiry". 

Instructions on how to make a payment with an electronic check (recommended), credit card (convenience fee required with credit or debit card), or wire transfer can be found on the SBS website. The balance owed is either all fees showing on your account, or the sum of any installment plan(s) payments due (TIPP or HIPP) plus $33 for each IPP you are using. 

Unless otherwise specified, all payments are due by 4:45 p.m. on the due date. 

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Deposit Fee Deferral 

The Housing application requires a $1,500 deposit. Some students are eligible for a deferral of the $1,500 deposit until a later date. This will happen automatically in the application if you are eligible. Otherwise, you will be directed to pay the deposit. If you meet all of the following criteria, you are eligible to defer your deposit:

  1. You completed your FAFSA (financial aid application) on or before March 2, 2017, AND
  2. You have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $4,000 or less, AND
  3. On or before May 31, 2017, you have satisfied any and all document requirements to complete your financial aid evaluation.
    1. You will know if you owe documents because this requirement will be listed on your “To-Do” list in myCI Student Center.
    2. We encourage you to fulfill any document requirements right away and not wait until the end of May.
    3. Your documents must be complete, accurate, and legible by May 31 in order to satisfy this deadline. So, we encourage you to submit documents right away so if there are issues there may still be time to correct them prior to May 31. 

IMPORTANT: If you fail to fully meet the May 31, 2017 document deadline, you will be required to pay the deposit on or before July 3 to maintain your housing priority. If this should occur, you will be notified on or about June 21. If you miss the document deadline and fail to pay the deposit by July 3, your housing application will be considered incomplete until you pay the deposit. You will also lose your housing priority and will be placed on the waiting list as of the date your deposit is paid.

When you apply for housing, your deferral status will automatically generate and your deferral qualifications will apply to your application. The results are immediate: 

  • Not Approved --> The application will direct you to make a payment via e-check (no extra fee) or credit card (additional 2.75% convenience fee) 
  • Approved --> The application will direct you to the 'eligible' page and will ask you to proceed through the remaining steps of your housing application 

To find your Federal EFC, go to and log in. Under 'My Links', select 'CI Records'. Under 'Finances', select 'View Financial Aid'. Select the year for which you would like to determine your Federal EFC. At the bottom of the page, select 'Financial Aid Summary'. Your Federal EFC will be available for view at the top of the screen. 

Please Note: If any changes occur to your financial aid, it may affect your deferral status and the deposit payment will become due immediately to secure your space. Please check your financial aid account regularly. 

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Fall 2017 Payment Options & Deadlines 

Option 1: Pay in Full

  • $1,500 deposit (or fee deferral documentation) due ASAP to complete your application
  • August 22, 2017: Remaining fall semester balance due

Option 2: Housing Installment Payment Plan (HIPP)

  • $1,500 deposit (or fee deferral documentation) due ASAP to complete your application
  • August 22, 2017: First of three fall semester payments due
  • September 22, 2017: Second of three fall semester payments due
  • October 22, 2017: Final payment due for fall semester

Option 3: Financial Aid 

  • PLEASE NOTE: If your financial aid does not fund/disperse by the first payment deadline, you must select either options 1 or 2 above to cover fees until your financial aid disperses. 
  • FULL Financial Aid: If you have confirmed enough financial aid to cover room, board, tuition, and fees, then your financial aid will cover all fall charges. Your financial aid must be settled and confirmed by the deadline in order to avoid out-of-pocket payment for this payment deadline.
  • PARTIAL Financial Aid: If you are receiving some financial aid, but not enough to cover all charges for room, board, tuition, and fees, your options are:
    (1) Payment in Full: On August 22, 2017, all fees unpaid by Financial Aid are due no later than 4:45 pm; OR
    (2) Installment Payment Plan: As soon as possible, but no later than 4:45 pm on August 22, you must request the HIPP via your myCI account and make payment towards the first installment payment and the $33 nonrefundable processing fee to use the payment plan 

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