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Overview of Village

Santa Cruz Village (SCV) opened in fall 2007 and is home to approximately 460 second-year students, as well as some upper-division students. Santa Cruz offers mostly two-bedroom, one-bathroom, furnished semi-suites generally shared by four students. Some suites may include triple occupancy bedrooms and be shared by five or six students. Each suite also includes a microwave and one or two mini-fridges. The suites include one bathroom and a separate vanity area. Each resident has an extra-long twin bed and mattress, three drawers, desk, bookshelf, chair, and lockable file cabinet.

Santa Cruz has excellent activity and co-curricular space such as a game room, an exercise room, ballet and art studios, sound resistant music practice rooms, and study, television, and computer lounges. Each student room has cable TV and wireless internet access.

Pictures and 360-degree views of SCV can be found on the campus virtual tour.

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Santa Cruz Village is labeled as “SCV” on the campus map (located near South Quad)

Floor Plan & Dimensions*

Typical 2-bedroom Santa Cruz layout

*The two-bedroom layout above is the most common type of Santa Cruz suite.

Bedroom Dimensions (approximate):

  • Two-bedroom suite: 12'7" X 10'8"
  • One-bedroom suite: 14'3" X 10'

Furniture Dimensions (approximate):

  • Extra long twin bed & mattress: 3’2” X 7’1”
  • Desk & bookshelf: 42” (L) X 24” (D) X 54” (H)
  • File cabinet (fits under desk): 17” X 24” X 26”
  • Under bed stackable drawers (3 per resident): 26” X 24” X 10.5”

Square Footage (approximate):

  • Two-bedroom suite: 477 - 574 square feet
  • One-bedroom suite: 254 square feet

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  • Santa Cruz Village - Main Housing Office
  • H Building Courtyard
  • E Building Courtyard
  • F Building Courtyard
  • Kitchenette Area Includes 1-2 Mini-Fridges & Microwave
  • Vanity Area - Separate from Toilet & Shower
  • Bathroom
  • Two Bedroom Entryway
  • Desk, Bookshelf, & Filing Cabinet Area
  • Triple Bedroom
  • Lofted Bed
  • Bunked Beds
  • Double Bedroom - Bunked Beds & Closet Area
  • Double Bedroom - Bunked Beds & Desk Area
  • Bedroom with Bunked Beds
  • Bunked Beds with ladder
  • Double Bedroom with Unbunked Beds
  • Hallway Outside Suite
  • One of Two Community Kitchens
  • Exercise Room - Aerobics Equipment
  • Exercise Room - Aerobics & Weight Equipment
  • Dance Studio
  • Dance Studio - Dancer
  • Event in the G1 Lounge
  • E1 Conference & Group Study Room
  • E1 Lounge
  • E1 Computer Lab
  • One of Three Music Rooms
  • Art Room
  • Art Room Panorama
  • Game Room Panorama
  • Game Room - Air Hockey Table
  • Game Room - Air Hockey Game
  • Game Room - Pool Table
  • Game Room - Pool Table & Ping-Pong
  • Video Game Room
  • Bike Racks
  • Secret Garden (single & group plots available)
  • Event on South Quad, near Santa Cruz

Room Rates & Meal Plan Options (2022-23):

Room Rates

Room TypeRoom FeeMinimum Board FeeTotal FeesAmount Billed Each Semester
Double in a two-room suite$10,570$3,630$14,200$7,100
Double in a one-room suite$11,060$3,630$14,690$7,345
Single Occupancy$11,660$3,630$15,290$7,645

Meal Plan

Minimum Board meal plan is the Basic 160, averaging 10 meals per week and $300 Flex Cash per semester.

Additional Options Include:

  • Enhanced 224
  • Premier 304

Meal credits at Islands Cafe expire on the last day of each semester. Unused flex dollars will roll-over from the fall to spring semester, and will expire on the last day of the spring semester. Unused meals or flex dollars are non-refundable. Students are strongly encouraged to maximize the use of the meal plan benefits to obtain the full value of the plan.

Dining PlanMeals per SemesterFlex Cash per SemesterWeekly Meal AverageTotal CostAmount Billed Each Semester
Basic 160160$30010$3,630$1,815
Enhanced 224224$20014$4,500$2,250
Premier 304304$5019$4,920$2,460

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