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Overview of Village 

Santa Rosa Village welcomed 600 residents when it opened in fall 2016: 585 freshmen and 15 Resident Advisors (RAs). Each RA has a pod of approximately 39 residents. Each pod has a family room with flat screen TV, refrigerator, microwave, toaster, Keurig machine, sink, couches, kitchen table, and chairs. Study rooms are adjacent to pods and have computers and a printer for residents to use. Santa Rosa is designed as a more traditional residence hall. Bedrooms are primarily double occupancy with some triple occupancy bedrooms available. Each resident receives an extra-long twin bed and mattress, three drawers, desk, bookshelf, chair, and lockable file cabinet. Each bedroom also has a ceiling fan, cube-sized mini-fridge, and shared closet. Bathroom facilities are shared by gender-specific residents within their pod, and an all-gender/ADA/single bathroom is available as well. 

The complex has a large community kitchen with three cooking surfaces and an eating area for use by residents or for cooking lessons. A large community lounge offers several gathering and sitting areas, including bench seating for group projects or meal time, tables with chairs, lounge chairs, TVs, and a game area with a pool table, poker table, and ping-pong table. The village also features a mail room, administrative offices, and a laundry room. The outside courtyard offers additional seating areas, hammocks, and outdoor games. Residents may enjoy the use of amenities within all of the villages. 

Santa Rosa Village also features several Living-Learning & Theme Communities


Santa Rosa Village is listed as “SRV” on the campus map (near South Quad). [back to top] 


Floor Plan & Dimensions (approximate):

  • Santa Rosa Double Bedroom Layout
  • Santa Rosa Pod Layout: family room (yellow), bedrooms (blue), bathrooms(purple)

Room Dimensions: 

  • Triple Occupancy Bedroom: 10'2" X 16'6"
  • Double Occupancy Bedroom: 10'2" X 16'6" 
  • Single Occupancy/ADA Bedroom: 9' X 17' 
  • Closet Space: 3'6" X 5' 

Furniture Dimensions: 

  • Extra long twin bed & mattress: 3’2” X 7’1”
  • Desk & bookshelf: 42”(L) X 24”(D) X 54”(H)
  • File cabinet (fits under desk): 17” X 24” X 26”
  • Under bed stackable drawers (3 per resident): 26” X 24” X 10.5” 

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  • Santa Rosa Village
  • Santa Rosa Village - Greenery near K Building
  • Santa Rosa Courtyard
  • Santa Rosa Courtyard - Seating Area
  • Santa Rosa Courtyard - Bench Area
  • Santa Rosa Community Living Room
  • Santa Rosa Community Living Room - Lounge Area
  • Santa Rosa Community Living Room - Study Area
  • Santa Rosa Community Living Room - Ping-Pong Table
  • Santa Rosa Community Living Room - Game Area
  • Santa Rosa Community Living Room - Pool Table
  • Santa Rosa Community Kitchen - Appliances
  • Santa Rosa Community Kitchen
  • Santa Rosa Community Kitchen Seating & Cooking area
  • Santa Rosa Community Kitchen - Cooktop
  • Santa Rosa Community Kitchen - Sink Area
  • Santa Rosa Hallway
  • Santa Rosa Bedroom Layout - Standing in Door, Facing Window
  • Santa Rosa Bedroom Layout - Facing Closet & Entry
  • Santa Rosa Triple Bedroom Layout - Facing Bunked Beds
  • Santa Rosa Triple Bedroom Layout - Facing Lofted Bed
  • Santa Rosa Triple Bedroom Layout - Facing Closet & Entry
  • Santa Rosa Bedroom - Example 1
  • Santa Rosa Bedroom - Example 2
  • Santa Rosa Bedroom - Example 3
  • Santa Rosa Bedroom - Example 4
  • Santa Rosa Bedroom - Example 5
  • Santa Rosa Bedroom - Example 6
  • Santa Rosa all-gender & ADA Bathroom
  • Santa Rosa Bathroom Shower & Toilet Stalls
  • Santa Rosa Bathroom Sink Area
  • Santa Rosa Family Room
  • Santa Rosa Family Room - Sink Area
  • Santa Rosa Family Room - Table & Chairs
  • Santa Rosa Family Room - Whiteboard Area
  • Santa Rosa Family Room - TV Area
  • Santa Rosa Family Room - Seating Area
  • Santa Rosa Study Room
  • Santa Rosa Study Room - Students Studying
  • Santa Rosa Study Room - Group Study Area
  • Santa Rosa Study Room - Computer & Printer
  • Santa Rosa Laundry Room - Machines
  • Santa Rosa Laundry Room


2017-18 Room Rates & Meal Plan Options: 

Room Rates 

Room TypeRoom RateMinimum Board Total CostAmount Billed Each Semester

*Please note: Single occupancy spaces are extremely limited. Freshmen living in Santa Rosa Village should anticipate a double or triple occupancy bedroom. 

Meal Plan 

Minimum Board meal plan is the Basic 160, averaging 10 meals per week and $300 Flex Cash per semester. 

Additional Options Include:

  • Enhanced 224
  • Premier 304

Meal credits at Islands Cafe expire on the last day of each semester. Unused flex dollars will roll-over from the fall 2017 to spring 2018 semester, and will expire on on the last day of the spring 2018 semester. Unused meals or flex dollars are non-refundable. Students are strongly encouraged to maximize the use of the meal plan benefits to obtain the full value of the plan. 

Dining PlanMeals per SemesterFlex Cash per SemesterWeekly Meal AverageTotal CostAmount Billed Each Semester
Basic 160160$30010$3,630$1,815
Enhanced 224224$20014$4,500$2,250
Premier 304304$5019$4,920$2,460

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